A message and an offer for all property sellers.

I want to give Mr Jenman a huge thank-you; he has saved us around $10,000 by publishing his book – “Don’t Sign Anything!’

We were in the early stages of selling our investment unit when I began to read this book. We had signed up a particular real estate agent on an exclusive contract. This agent promised a price of around $290,000, great ad campaigning… you know the rest.

Three days later, she gave us a written opinion of between $260,000 and $280,000. We questioned this but were told that’s just the market at the moment, and the unit does only have one bathroom after all. (The Quote Lie).

Our unit’s value dropped $30,000 in just three days! We were told to put on a listing price of $280,000 negotiable. It was at this time when I was reading the chapter in Mr Jenman’s book on the conditioning process.

We called our agent and told her we would be writing on the contract $285,000 and leaving out the word ‘negotiable.’

The agent was of course less than impressed but we did remind her of her words before we signed up with her.

The ‘campaigning’ began and there was much conditioning on the agents part but we did not back down.

We were called up by the agent who had keen buyers for $270,000 – we told the agent not to contact us unless they were prepared to pay $280,000. We then got a call from the agent a day later and said the offer is now $279,000.

Once again we held firm, and 5 minutes later we had sold our unit for $280,000.

I truly believe that had I not read this book we would have been conditioned into accepting a price of around $265,000 – $270,000, and probably have thought this was good!

So once again, a big thank-you.


This is a mild story compared with some that we receive.

I truly wish that every property seller in Australia and New Zealand could read this book BEFORE they sell.

It took more than two years to write the book and it has taken more than four years to figure out how to get the book into the hands of more property sellers. The solution is simple – just mail it to genuine sellers at no charge.

That’s it, no cost and no catch. If you are selling and you want to know how to save thousands of dollars, then get yourself a FREE copy of Don’t Sign Anything! delivered by the postman.

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