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Auctions Get Lower Prices

9 Reasons Auctions Get Lower Prices

You'll never consider auctions again after reading this!

Homesellers tempted to auction their homes should remember four words: AUCTIONS GET LOWER PRICES. Never mind what agents tell you, never mind what you read in the papers, auctions are a financial minefield for consumers. Despite the booms in many areas, thousands of homesellers are turning their backs on auction and benefiting. But there are…

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How Auctions Kill the Highest Price

How auctions kill the highest price

And how buyers save tens of thousands of dollars!

by Neil Jenman What you are about to read contains information that should be read by every homeseller contemplating selling by the public auction method. It contains simple and logical mathematical proof that selling by public auction is, by far, the worst way to sell a family home. Never mind what agents may tell you…

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Code of Ethics of Approved

1. Legal Law Members will at all times obey the law applicable to estate agents in their state. 2. Moral Law Members must be aware that legal does not necessarily mean ethical. Many unethical business dealings are legal. Members will use moral laws based on “doing the right thing” by all people with whom they…

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The 13 Worst Mistakes

The 13 Worst Mistakes Made by Homebuyers

Buying a home can be one of the most exciting and rewarding times of your life. Or it can be a roller-coaster ride of financial and emotional devastation. It depends on what you do. And what you do, depends on what you know. Most homebuyers do not have enough accurate knowledge. Worse, many are ill-informed. This…

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Block Shock!

Another Auction failure – Dave Hughes admits he would have paid more!

Proof that Auctions don't get the highest price.

Early this week we discovered that comedian Dave Hughes was the mystery buyer behind the winners of The Block. But, he has now admitted that he would have paid more! Like most auctions, you’ll find that the winning buyer probably has a cheque for more than 10% of the final bid, giving an insight into…

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Stacks of money with houses on top

Property Market Report – September 2017

Quarterly Market Report No. #44 – September 2017

By Terry Ryder, creator of Introduction: Major Change Coming To Markets Around Australia Property markets around Australia are entering a phase of notable change. Cities that have been leading on price growth have passed their peaks, while some which have under-performed in recent years are now showing better outcomes, and others that have been…

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How to Interview agents

How to interview agents

Always interview at least two agents. (The only exception is if one agent is highly recommended by people whose opinion you respect). If you do not like either agent, call a third. Keep going until you find the best agent. If you have to interview a dozen agents, do so. Do not underestimate the importance…

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Beware of the two fee trap!


Home-sellers – Beware of the two fee trap!

A common question that budding home-sellers ask agents is: “How much do you charge?” If you’re about to sell your home and you’re interviewing agents, you should be aware of a very important point that can mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars to you. It’s not what agents charge you that’s most…

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