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When you see the APPROVED symbol you know you are seeing an agent who is committed to providing the finest real estate service in the world.

Approved definition

A method of recognition by which homesellers and homebuyers can identify estate agents who are committed to ethical systems and exceptional levels of client care.

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In the world of real estate, there can be a big difference between the promises and the actions of an agent. Read more »

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Our core values are based on the five-letter word TRUST. Read our values »


How an APPROVED Jenman agent can help you. At APPROVED, we want to help you find the right home. We don’t want you to feel like “just another face in the crowd” at those typical open-inspections. If you want someone who respects your feelings, listens to you and helps you to find the home you want, at a price you can afford, your APPROVED Jenman agent can be that person.


How an APPROVED Jenman agent can help you. If you have read either of Neil Jenman’s books, you will know the dangers faced by homesellers. You should know how to choose the best agent and the best selling method to make sure you receive the best price. Don’t Sign Anything until you speak with an APPROVED Jenman agent.

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