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What we do

Here at Jenman, we protect you from any unethical behaviour from real estate agents.

We monitor the complete sale process, from finding you an agent you can trust, through to the listing and sale of your property.

We monitor agents and salespeople to select the best agent for you.

Our service costs NOTHING extra for any homeseller.

We have available FREE products and advice for buyers and sellers to help when dealing in real estate matters.

If you decide to choose an agent that we have recommended, we insist that the agent agrees to our consumer protection standards, set out by Neil Jenman.

During the time the property is for sale, our Real Estate Monitors will be available to the seller, from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week, to offer support, assistance of any guidance that the seller may need.

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Protect yourself when selling your largest asset, with a Jenman Approved Agent.

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