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18 February 2016


If you are an Ansett employee, you might be interested in this message

Last night I witnessed a magnificent example of “brotherhood”.

I was on an Ansett flight from Melbourne. At the check-in counter, I met Nick. He was polite and courteous – a fine man – the sort of person I’d love to see in real estate. Despite not knowing if he was going to get paid – or whether he would even have a job when he finished his shift – Nick was thanking people for supporting Ansett. Nick is a winner. Guaranteed.

At the departure gate, I met Donna. She was crying. Someone had told her, “This is your last flight.” As I boarded the plane, I met the Purser. She looked so sad. I told her that she and her crew should sit down and the passengers should look after her. She burst into tears and disappeared into the lavatory.

During the safety demonstration, another flight attendant was crying so much she had to stop. After take-off, the captain said a few sombre words, beginning with, “I wish I could say Good Evening.”

When the plane landed in Sydney, the Purser gave her ‘thank-you’ speech. She said it was her hardest speech in 17 years with Ansett.

And then the entire plane erupted in applause.

Here was another example of the brotherhood that lies dormant within us – until a crisis causes us to reveal how much we all care about each other.

And here, too, is an opportunity to share some of that brotherhood. I wonder how many of those 17,000 people at Ansett would be magnificent team members with us. From what I saw last night, I reckon they were all winners. Think about it. They have worked long hours, they have dealt with a variety of customers often under difficult conditions. And now they are wondering about their futures.

There are some wonderful people in Ansett. Despite their own pain, many of them donated a day’s pay to help the terrorist victims in America. Sounds like the sort of people who would be perfect with us.

Many Ansett people, who are wondering about their futures today, are going to be winners with many other companies tomorrow. That sort of spirit won’t stay out of work for long.

I know Gerald Crough in our recruitment department will be very keen to speak with these people. How about you?

Neil Jenman

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