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08 July 2003

Brad sugars and pals ripping off farmer

Skulduggery sinks to a new low

It’s hard not to feel intense anger when skulduggery sinks as low as this. This self-titled “entrepeneur and multi-millionaire” actually appears in an advertisement which brags about ripping off drought stricken farmers.

A fellow called Brad Sugars (and his pal from New Zealand – Phil Jones) have one of those get-rich ads. “What the rich don’t tell you!”shouts the advertisement. There’s Brad’s big grin and there’s the ad which gleefully describes how a novice investor bought a house for28% below valuation. It was easy. Just find “drought stricken farmers” in Central Queensland and make them low offers for any investment homes they own in other areas.

You see, says the ad, when the farmers have “hungry cows” you can “help out”. Buy their homes at thousands less than they’re worth. You can do it too, says the ad. “Learn how to purchase property at a massive discount over and over again. Book now for a ‘Here’s how to Profit from Property‘ seminar in your area.”

Hey Brad, I lived and worked on cattle stations in Queensland. I saw what happens in a drought. And while you brag about your flash cars and how you “financially retired at the tender age of 26” and you now call yourself “a billionaire in training”, these farmers battle to survive.

How about you and your predatory pals come to Central Queensland with me? You could give your seminar at the Biloela Hall. I’ll introduce you all to the audience; you know, one of those opening speeches about how you change people’s lives and what a hero you are. And then I’d let you out on the stage.

See if you still have that smarmy grin then, Brad.

Neil Jenman

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