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13 June 2003

Brad Sugars & Ripping of Farmers – Incorrect!

This comment and reply refer to the Consumer Alert of June 2. Click here to view.

Mr Jenman, I have read the API Magazine that you refer to and find your comments regarding Brad Sugars are totally erroneous.

It seems either you can’t read or you are blind to the truth. The page in which you refer to has two ads, one with Brad Sugars where he promotes his book “Real Money Real Estate” and another ad promoting the “Profit from Property Seminars” which does not feature Brad Sugars at all.

It is irresponsible of you to launch an attack on a high profile public figure in Australia by attempting to link two completely unrelated pieces of information. You seem to be creating a sensational story when one doesn’t exist. I find this sickening.

You say you promote “Ethics in Real Estate” and yet you have no journalistic integrity producing articles of this nature which are blatantly misleading and totally untrue. I challenge you to put this email on your web site! Why don’t you show how truly one-eyed and insincere you really are.

How can you run an article on “one band” because “another band” said something that’s objectionable to you, just because both bands’ tickets were available from Ticketek.

Maybe its time for you to start practising what you preach and stop letting your own ego and bias create sensational lies.

Betty Neilson
“Ethics in Reporting”



The publisher of the magazine described the ad as “offensive”. He said, “That ad will never run again.” He did not refer to it as two ads. He knows it’s one ad.

Now, in case he and the other readers who were just as appalled as I was, are also “blind”, let me point out some other facts.

It is one ad with two ‘sides’ to it. One side gives a testimonial from a ‘graduate’ of a course who describes how he bought a Central Queensland farmer’s home for 28 per cent below its value. The course, as you rightly pointed out, is called ‘Profit from Property’.

The other side of the ad features Brad Sugars in a beaming photo beside his book which is called REAL MONEY REAL ESTATE. It also has a photo of two other men (those I described as Brad’s “pals”).

If you turn over just two pages in the magazine (to page 31) you will see another ad for the same course. This ad says the course, ‘Profit from Property’, is “created by the authors of REAL MONEY REAL ESTATE”.

And who is the headline author of the book? Whose name appears in capital letters? Your “high profile public figure” – BRADLEY J. SUGARS. His two pals are there, too, like co-stars with their names in smaller print. All playing in the same “band” as you call it.

But wait, there’s more.

Just in case you still feel I make “misleading” and “untrue” comments or that I don’t do my research, let’s see what’s inside Bradley’s book. Let’s hear the tune he’s playing with his band mates.

In his book, Brad Sugars describes how he, personally, preys on people in unfortunate circumstances.

He says his favourite deals are those with “motivated vendors”. He goes on to describe sellers who are in circumstances that start with the letter D. I am sure you’ve heard of them before (Death, Divorce, Debt etc).

But your Bradley adds another D, one he seems to have thought of himself. Dfor “Dummies” (which he writes in bold print, so that readers can’t miss it). He describes dummies as “People who don’t know how much their property is worth.”

There’s more, of course, much of it (to use your word) “sickening”.

Now, I confess that when it comes to decent hard-working folk being taken advantage of due to their distress, I am a little one-eyed. And when it comes to farmers suffering from drought, both eyes focus very intently.

I reiterate my earlier invitation to Brad Sugars (and I’ll include his band pals) to come with me to Biloela in Central Queensland, hire a hall and let the farmers judge the tune he plays.

As another reader wrote:

“I’ll volunteer to do the driving to get Brad Sugars to a seminar in Biloela!! I think I should park the car around the corner, beyond “riot range” though.”

Now, Betty, I have a question for you:

Given your lack of concern for drought-stricken farmers and the people Brad Sugars describes as “dummies who don’t know how much their property is worth” and your strong concern for Brad Sugars, what is your relationship to Brad Sugars?

Neil Jenman

The person who sent this comment has not made contact again since we posted this reply (on June 13).

This comment and reply refer to the Consumer Alert of June 2. Click here to view.

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