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01 July 2005

My Brother and George Mihos

Multiple streams of deceit means multiple victims.

My brother went to a free George Mihos (Today Not Tomorrow Institute) seminar at the beginning of the year and was promised that he could become a millionaire in 3 years. “You don’t need to start with any money etc etc.”

George Mihos said stick with him and he will tell him all the tricks.

My brother then spent $800 for a 3 day seminar in Melbourne. Last month $4000 was debited from his credit card. It was in $1000 instalments. Three on 15/04 then another $1001 on 20/04.

I know for sure that my brother attended another seminar last month and George Mihos asked him to come and talk to the attendees, pretending that he was a millionaire. By this time my brother is worshipping the ground this bloke walks on and walks around telling people that George Mihos was his teacher and that he now is a millionaire.

My brother has nothing left in the bank. George Mihos is $4801 richer. This has all just come to my attention and I have read the Government alerts for this company. It really makes me sick that people do this and it makes me sad that my brother was conned so easily.

Beware everyone – please don’t let it happen to you too. Property investment and other income streams do not happen out of thin air.

Preying on young, naïve, vulnerable people like my brother. Now, with no money left and nothing to show for his thousands of dollars, my brother has been brainwashed and his family are now working hard to get him back to the strong, smart, independent and confident person he once was.

Comment from Neil Jenman.

Yes, it’s astonishing how some victims still support these spruikers. It’s like how some battered wives stay with their husbands.We have checked out several people who claim to be George Mihos success stories. We can find no evidence of success.Indeed one person who stands up at George’s free seminar and says “George changed my life,” admitted to us that he had not made any money. The only change in his life was that George Mihos took thousands of dollars from him.In a recent press release George Mihos complained about “journalistic ethics” and “a media smear campaign” against him.Mihos claims he can make people into millionaires within three years through “multiple streams of income”.

He said he “will not tolerate the publication of incorrect and tendentious material” about him.

I am not sure what tendentious means, but I am sure that George Mihos uses multiple streams of deceit to hurt multiple numbers of consumers.

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