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27 January 2004

Carr Government

How many complaints do they need?

I would like to comment on the support or more to the point, the lack of support, NSW consumers are receiving from the Carr Government.

I, like many of Henry Kaye’s victims was assured that his course was Government approved. Apart from all the promises about securing financially sound property investments, this statement is the main reason I joined NII.

I was promised that the $15,000.00 fee would be recouped within 90 days, which was the time frame I was assured that my first property would be secured. This, of course, would happen with my consultant’s guidance, and the information I would receive from the educational programs and seminars provided by NII.

The loan application was completed and forwarded to Australian Finance Direct (AFD). I was expecting to have my financial situation thoroughly checked before the loan was granted. This was not the case; the loan was granted and the paperwork was received from AFD in the mail.

At this point, I found that I could no longer contact my consultant and messages served no purpose at all.

I now have a debt that I am getting nothing for and can ill afford.

If the reason the Minister for Fair Trading for NSW, is not taking any action is due to the “very small number of complaints”, I find this appalling. Should the Minister not treat one complaint from the public as reason enough to investigate Henry Kaye?

What number of complaints is an acceptable number for the Minister to become proactive on behalf of the NSW people?

Why not look at the Consumer Affairs Victoria and take a leaf out of their book?

Good regulators discover and uncover dangers to consumers, they do not cover up or say they have not had complaints. There was a time when only a few people complained about cigarettes. Even when people began dying, little was done.I am not sure how many complaints consumers need to make before the state regulators take action. However, I do know how many complaints agents need to make. One.

Real estate agents sometimes complain to the departments of Fair Trading about The Jenman Group. The complaints have been about our demand for guarantees for sellers and gazumping compensation for buyers. While nothing has happened as a result of those complaints – and indeed some of the staff at the Fair Trading Departments are bemused – it is frustrating to think that a complaint from an agent appears to be taken more seriously than a complaint from a consumer.

Aggrieved consumers should always complain. And, if they don’t get satisfaction they should do what you are doing – complain more. It has been my experience that the consumers who make the most noise when they are ripped off are those who are most likely to be helped.

I do agree that Consumer Affairs in Victoria have been the best at helping consumers caught by Henry Kaye.

Neil Jenman


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