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Unethical behavior??

Does the real estate agency not have some moral obligation to purchasers as well as vendors?
We had an offer on a property accepted a couple of days ago by a vendor with the verbal agreement that if my wife liked we would proceed…


Urgent letter to Scott Morrison MP Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Dear Mr Morrison,This email is to request you look at a man who is entering our country later this week.  His name is Jordan Belfort aka ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.  Mr Belfort is coming to Australia and holding Sales and Business Seminars…

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The agents think this is hilarious. Dear Neil On the weekend I attended an auction of a property. The agent told me a ‘hook’ price of $550,000 up. I found out that the house next door had sold a month or so earlier for $670,000. At the auction there were initially three interested parties. When…

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My husband and I will pay off our mortgage at the end of this year. Hi Neil My husband and I will pay off our mortgage at the end of this year if all goes well and we keep our jobs. We started to think about interest-only loans to assist with tax and investment properties…

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What’s going on? Dear Neil One of your Jenman APPROVED offices is selling a property at auction. What’s going on? We heard you didn’t like auction and that auctions get lower prices. Please explain. Confused. Dear Confused,You’re right. I don’t like auctions (for selling; they are often great for buying). And auctions sure do get…

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A message from one of your investors. AN OPEN LETTER TO SAM POGSON & MURRAY LAPHAM – the former directors of the now collapsed Australian Capital Reserve (ACR). My name is Judy. In one week I will be undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumour which has claimed much of my eye sight. It has…

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Another disaster caused by ‘legal’ agents. We appointed a Queensland selling agent in 2006, believing they were the best agents for the job (as they all say). We eventually had a purchaser for the property at the end of 2007. The agent negotiated the contract of sale with the purchaser. The contract was not going…

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A New Growth Industry by Peter Mericka B.A., LL.B Since Scott Goodman of Goodman Group Conveyancing started his “Goodman Group Conveyancing Referral Service”, bribery and corruption in the conveyancing and real estate industries of Victoria has shifted to over-drive. The price for a conveyancing referral (or bribe) has now reached $150 per referral, and it…

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Who cares? Message from Neil Jenman. UPDATE & SORRY – The reader who sent this piece to us has just pointed out that he is NOT the author. It is written by finance journalist Michael Pascoe and appeared in yesterday’s edition of Crikey. I should have spotted it because I get Crikey every day and…

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But you’re rude and distasteful, Mr Jenman. This comment is in response to a message received from Daniel Glushevski which can be viewed by clicking here. Dear Sir, I think you are an extremely rude and distasteful person, and I don’t know where you get off judging other people like you’re as pure as spring…

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