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Investment Questions

Widly Wealthy Women

Dymphna and Sandy in my life. To Neil Jenman. I am proud to be a member of Wildly Wealthy Women. After going through many financial troubles (most caused by men in my life) Dymphna and Sandy have now put me on the right path to realising my dream of becoming debt free. Both these ladies…

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Sinking Renovations

How the property falls may create renovation falls. These comments refer to the article: PROPERTY BUST IS GOOD FOR MOST HOMESELLERS. Your article about the housing ‘bust” being good for homesellers must be qualified. The housing bust is not good for people who have bought “renovators” or who are in the process of renovating. Why?…

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Safe Investing

The importance of the right research. I often read with interest your site about real estate and the consumer. This week, I saw yet another person on “The Today Show” who had paid a huge amount for an overpriced property on “The Gold Coast”. It certainly is “gold” for some unethical people. As an active…

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Property Taxes

Remember the promises about the GST? Some thoughts arising from your excellent article. Last week Peter Costello made comments on Sydney radio, reported again in The Age, that negative gearing and capital gains tax legislation “will not change”. It was only 18 months between Mr Howard categorically stating that “there will never be a GST”,…

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The Hypocrites Market

The excuse for changing the tune on the property market. I have read in the NSW newspapers the scathing comments and articles over the NSW Government changes to Stamp Duty and Property taxes. It seems investors, agents and Real Estate Institutes are all using this as an excuse for a full blown property collapse! However,…

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The Underground Cost Property

Billions of dollars needed. Very prophetic article about the coming property revolution. But most Australians don’t think that far ahead. Neil, you omitted the really big question. The water and sewerage infrastructure in Australia is depreciating from corrosion and capacity limitations. It will cost many billions of dollars to replace over the next twenty or…

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The property Revolution

Most investors don’t see it coming. By Neil Jenman. On a cold wet January morning, more than 200 years ago, Louis XVI had his head chopped off. Poor Louis, by all accounts he wasn’t such a bad bloke. But, as he faced the axe on that fateful day, he must have wondered what went wrong….

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Risky Investment Decisions

Don’t break these two rules. I have dealt with a Financial Services company for a few years now. They have a Financial Planning arm, a Real Estate arm and a Mortgage Broker arm. They have done a good job for me over the years helping me invest in shares and super. I am about to…

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Exploiting the First Home Grant

The wrapping fat cats. Neil, I wonder how many of the First Home Owner Grants have ended up in the hands of the wrappers. The wrappers rely on the Grant to give them their first capital gain- the first of many (the others being the mark-up on the price and the interest rate hike). Did…

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Notice to NII Creditors

From Denise Brailey From Denise Brailey President Real Estate Consumers Association (Inc) Re: VOTING NATIONAL INVESTMENT INSTITUTE (“NII”) INTO LIQUIDATION THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO CAST YOUR VOTE BY PROXY IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE SO. You have read the Administrator’s Reports and our own letters. We urge you to trust only your…

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