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Act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood When a personal tragedy strikes us, we feel a personal pain. A sense of total hopelessness. There is nothing we can do. And we may wonder how, at such a time, the world can ignore us. Why don’t others share our pain? Don’t they care? It’s…

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If you are an Ansett employee, you might be interested in this message Last night I witnessed a magnificent example of “brotherhood”. I was on an Ansett flight from Melbourne. At the check-in counter, I met Nick. He was polite and courteous – a fine man – the sort of person I’d love to see…

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Nothing is more important than our mates. Update: October  12, 2012. Ten years have passed since I wrote these words. I still feel just as sad and just as angry. ***************************************** by Neil Jenman The title of this article is not politically correct. But, right now, I don’t care too much about that. I want…

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The social consequences of a property boom. by Neil Jenman The cartoon on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald (March 12) cruelly summed up the city’s housing crisis. Under the heading Housing Affordability, were two images representing two different years. First, the Year 2000 and a drawing of a cute cottage (home sweet…

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Answering that great life question. by Neil Jenman What a cruel sea. And what kind people. There seems no right word to describe the tsunami disaster. Devastating, surreal, awesome, tragic; such words have been used so often to describe minor incidents that they now seem inadequate for such a monumental disaster. To understand the magnitude…

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A STAR CALLED PHANTOM And the hearts of agents. UPDATE. April 30, 2007: Sadly, the Phantom died last week. *************** A personal story by Neil Jenman In 1983, when I was setting up my real estate office, a likeable young man came to lay some second-hand carpet. His name was Peter Loizides. Peter had an…

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The love of money

Be careful what it does to you!
John D Rockefeller was the richest man who ever lived. He was worth $663 Billion (in today’s dollars) when he died. But he still died.

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