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Avoid Bait pricing

Avoiding bait prices

Bait Prices hook sellers more than buyers

Price Ranges are ‘Bait’ strategies which use a false low price to attract buyers. The Price Range method comes in a variety of names – By Negotiation; Offers Above; Price Guide. They are all similar and they all undersell your home. Say you want $300,000 for your home. The agent will suggest that your home…

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Home Sellers Learn From Auction Nightmare

[CASE STUDY] IF you’re selling your home by way of public auction your worst nightmare has got to be – NO ONE BIDS! Well, that’s exactly what happened to Robyn and Peter. Watch the video below to hear how Robyn and Peter learned from their nightmare experience and turned it into a dream result. Robyn:…

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crime scene

Murder for sale

It's hard to get a good price for a home with a bad history

by Neil Jenman Overseas, they are called ‘Stigma Homes’, where something terrible has happened in the past, usually a murder. Stigma homes – or ‘Murder Homes’ as they seem to be called in Australia – can be hard to sell – as at least one irate home-owner in Melbourne is discovering. Every time likely buyers…

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Don't Sign Anything

The Lying Game

How to survive it.

by Neil Jenman. Anyone who gets involved in the property market – whether as a seller, a buyer, (and even an agent), has probably wondered why so many people tell so many lies. As one buyer recently (and typically) remarked, “Why do all agents lie to me?”. The feeling is often mutual. There’s a well-known…

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Ethics in Real Estate

In 1943, a 69 year old writer, W Somerset Maugham, published an essay on Virtue. He said most people accept the importance of the virtues of integrity and self-sacrifice, but this is not enough to weigh against the powerful motives of self-interest. Maugham said that people can only do what is right when the correct…

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Ethical Concerns

In the Real Estate Industry

Real estate consumers are losing millions of dollars due to the lack of ethics in real estate. It is a national disgrace in both Australia & New Zealand. And it is time it stopped. We believe that most consumers are NOT informed of the dangers involved with selling or buying real estate. Further, we believe…

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Gazumping – Be Aware

With most home sales, there are three groups of people – sellers, buyers and agents. The sellers want the highest price, the buyers want the lowest price and the agents want a commission. For the buyers and the sellers, this is a dangerous formula. Most times, the agents are in no danger because they get…

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Investing in Queensland

Two golden rules guaranteed to protect you.

by Neil Jenman Within an hour of reading this article another investor will almost certainly have been ripped off in another dud Queensland property deal. That’s how often it happens. While there is no official ‘Register of Rip Offs’, it’s not hard to work out the figures. Based on the number of sales made –…

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Keep control and keep thousands of dollars. by Peter O’Malley Many home-owners face a similar dilemma. When it’s time to make a move, they don’t know whether to buy first or sell first. If they sell first, it may be hard to find another suitable property at an affordable price. If they buy first, it…

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Edwin Goulding and “Peasantville”. UPDATE MARCH 17, 2009. Ed Goulding was banned last week from giving financial advice for 25 years. A good result from ASIC on this one. For more details, clickhere. ************************** by Neil Jenman This is a story about a get-rich-quick (for him) spruiker by the name of Edwin James Goulding (or…

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