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Warning. Is your agent on the take? by Neil Jenman. Although it happened 25 years ago, I remember it as if it happened yesterday. It was 1984 and I had not long opened my real estate office. The age-old business equation had to be confronted daily. Money in minus money out equals profit. And, do…

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The best place to buy property. by Neil Jenman. So, property prices are rising are they? And everything’s looking terrific. And all you have to do to make your fortune (okay, well, a modest profit) is to just buy a piece of real estate and wait. Right? Wrong. Look, I understand that lots of people…

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A dying man wants his money back. Opinion by Neil Jenman.  Rick Snowden is dying. He has a disease called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). It’s a dreadful disease in which the body slowly cramps itself up. Victims often choke to death. You won’t meet too many nicer blokes than Rick Snowden. In his early 60’s, Rick…

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Don’t buy into them. by Neil Jenman Thousands of Australian property investors are unwittingly buying properties in areas which are almost certain to be future slum areas. The sales pitch given to these investors at the time they purchase is polished and persuasive. They are told that they are buying a new house-and-land package in…

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The sort of spruiker who gives spruikers a bad name. By Neil Jenman Stephen Terence Fagan was born in Scotland in 1963. Soon after he started school, when he was still in short pants, little Stephen migrated to Australia with his mum and dad. He grew up to become a property spruiker and, just like…

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Understanding Under-Quoting

Understanding Under-quoting

Why agents do it. How to protect yourself.

By Neil Jenman The NSW government has released a statement saying they “want to send a clear message that underquoting won’t be tolerated.” Well, considering that they have not prosecuted an agent for 11 years and considering that thousands of agents have, collectively, used ‘false quotes’ on millions of occasions over the last 11 years,…

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American Warning

A deadly trap for Aussie investors

by Neil Jenman Here’s a confident prediction: Hundreds (probably thousands) of Australian investors are going to lose millions of dollars in the American property market. Right now, it seems to be all the rage, the latest fad. Buy real estate in the United States. It’s easy. Prices for American homes are so low and our…

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REIV Caught Cheating – Again

The motive behind false auction statistics.

by Neil Jenman For many years, the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) has misled and deceived real estate consumers. Whether it be trying to justify (or deny) dodgy practices such as false price quoting or whether it’s brushing-aside common claims of widespread dishonesty, as far as real estate bodies go, they don’t come much…

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Brad Sugars & Pals & Ripping of Farmers

Skulduggery sinks to a new low It’s hard not to feel intense anger when skulduggery sinks as low as this. This self-titled “entrepeneur and multi-millionaire” actually appears in an advertisement which brags about ripping off drought stricken farmers. A fellow called Brad Sugars (and his pal from New Zealand – Phil Jones) have one of…

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