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Pushing investors into big black holes. It has been more than three years since we purchased a property from The Insight Group. We dealt directly with Trent Richards and Stephen Nugent from Insight. And then there was Property Planet, Faraday Homes, banks and the lawyers recommended by Insight – Andrew Blaak Solicitors. It has been…

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Crooks often commit many types of crimes. We decided to sell our family home to buy a bigger home. Our mistake was to select an agent called David Briske. He told us that the price range was only $140,000 – $145,000 because the area (Salisbury North) was a disadvantage. He phoned with an offer of…

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Slaughtering the savings of agents. Our real estate agency was contacted by Charles Smith of Real Estate Marketing Group. We had a meeting with him on 14/6/2007 about marketing for leads in our area. We were suspicious of Charles from the beginning as he appeared to be from Central Europe and with a name like…

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How buyers can get noticed. We are interested in a property which has been set to go to auction shortly. Over the last week and half the real estate agent has contacted us every second day saying that other parties are making bids. It started from $1.35M and is now around $1.45M…however, we don’t really…

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But it still hurts. UPDATE, October 2007. The director of this company, Ryan Gifford, says he has now sent the signs to the seller. His reason for the delay was that he was “having difficulty with our email” (what that has to do with sending out signs is anyone’s guess. It certainly didn’t seem to…

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Bought from ‘bleeding’ investors. As virgin investors, we bought a one-bedroom apartment (35 sq m) in the heart of Auckland City in late 2005, financed via equity in our own home. The first owners of our apartment lost at least $50,000. They were Australians who bought the place off-the-plans and appeared to treat the deal…

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Getting Cheated When Buying AND Selling.

Danger All Around Your comments on the website came all too late for my wife and I. About five years ago we purchased a townhouse at Elanora Heights on the Gold Coast from a Development Company. We paid $163,000. Had we made one phone call to an agent we may have realised it was worth…

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Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Battlers seek help from our leader. Dear Mr Prime Minister Re: National Investment Institute Pty Ltd (NII) and Australian Finance Direct. Pty Ltd (AFD) We signed-up with NII on 16/06/03, not knowing that thousands of complaints had already been made since 2001 about Henry Kaye, NII and other Kaye companies. My wife and I were…

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When Accountants Die

The impression they leave. I would like to put forward my experiences. I am a registered nurse and also have a degree in management and law. For the last 20 years I have worked in mental health, the last ten in child and adolescent mental health. One outstanding principle in good mental health for children…

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Stung By Reiv Spruikers

Harvard Securities – now Banc Real Estate. UPDATE: December 14, 2006. A story on Banc Real Estate is scheduled to air on Channel Seven’s Today Tonight this evening (6.30pm) – repeated on Sky News at 9.30pm. ***************UPDATE: August 3, 2006. Having failed to scare us off with legal threats, Banc Real Estate threatened the victim…

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