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28 October 2003

Comment on the Cranky Crook

Alan Meagher and his crooked antics.

This comment is in response to the comments made in the piece CROOK GETS CRANKY


I am surprised Mr. Alan Meagher can still talk in public after his disgraceful acts.

He should hide his face in shame.

I am another one of the battlers that have been cleaned out by these people.

I migrated to Australia not long ago, thinking this was the land of opportunity. While I am still trying to find my feet here, I have been ripped off by NII, Henry Kaye and Mr. Alan Meagher of over $15,000.00, simply because I believed all Australians were decent and truthful people.

They have successfully come up with all sorts of stories to avoid paying back money. These people are hiding under the same law that should throw them in jail and throw away the keys.

I use to think the Nigerian scams were the worst, but this is even worse because these people take your money and still walk around and tell you to go hell. (They should thank their stars they are in Australia).

I think the government needs to do something about this, before people like Henry Kaye go international to soil the good name and reputation decent Australian business people have built over a hundred years.

Thank you for speaking out for people like me, with very limited resources to take on people like Henry Kaye and Alan Meagher who are the lowest of the low.

If the politicians are not doing anything to help battlers like me, at least you are spreading the message so that others won’t fall into the same trap.

Thank you very much Mr. Jenman and shame on you Alan Meagher.

Ripped off battler.

This comment is in response to the comments made in the piece CROOK GETS CRANKY

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