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27 October 2003

Crook Gets Cranky

Message from a real estate ripper.

This comment refers to the article – BATTLERS CLEANED OUT BY NII

To Neil Jenman.
Is this story, like Ron and Judy (the pseudonyms), an embellished, trumped up, alarmist, non reality too? Try talking about true stories of battlers who have implemented Henry Kaye’s information and changed their lives for the better. I have not heard one occasion where you have changed someone’s life for the better except your own!

Clean up your own backyard Mr. Jenman and find something to do that becomes you instead of your continual mud slinging and “I’m without any transgressions” crusaders image.

Alan Meagher

Dear Mr Meagher

The people mentioned in this story are not only Henry Kaye victims, they are your victims. You are personally responsible for ripping them off.

Despite months of searching, we have not been able to find any “battlers” who have changed their lives for the better because of meeting you or Henry Kaye. However, we have found countless battlers who have been ripped off by you and Henry.

I do not profess to be without “transgressions” as you say. However, I do not prey on decent consumers and leave them financially and emotionally devastated.

Try finding one honest consumer who can say that Neil Jenman has ever personally ripped them off. It would be as hard as trying to find one battler you have helped.

The only battlers you have not ripped off are those who have had the good fortune never to have met you.

Don’t try your bullying tactics on me, Mr Meagher. The real issue here is you and what you are doing.

Your conduct is disgraceful. You and Henry Kaye and your National Investment Institute (or whatever name you are calling yourselves today) are crooks. I will do everything possible to see that you are prosecuted and brought to justice for your dishonesty and deceit.

Unfortunately, I have to obey the law in order to stop those like you who break the law.

Neil Jenman


These comments refer to the article – BATTLERS CLEANED OUT BY NII
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