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15 September 2003

Email To Henry Kaye

That Millionaire Challenge is raising some questions

Many of his past clients are wondering how Henry Kaye can make five new clients into millionaires in six months when he hasn’t been able to do the same for them in three years.

Sent: Sunday, 14 September 2003 5:57
To: ‘Henry Kaye’
Subject: Only 5 people?


I am one of your seminar attendees and already paid you and your organisation $15,000 for what you now promise to be able to achieve for 5 “lucky winners”.

This is very disappointing. Should not all those people who signed up to your seminars and paid the horrendous amount for it be property millionaires by now?

Should not at least 800 people be property millionaires by now?

The last seminar I went to had 800 attendees.

I went to your seminars, heard your guys talking about the “tools of the trade” only to find out that you put them on to PCG (Property Consulting Group) whose first aim is to sign you up to contracts . Before you actually get the chance to see a property, you have to spend more money.

One of your course presenters tells you “don’t invest in air and concrete” – PCG then comes along and offers you to buy into “air and concrete” but please sign this contract and pay another $1,600. Should you actually like to purchase one of our objects, ah yeah, just pay us another $6,000

When you say “your success, your achievements” as a property investor – why do you need to charge $15,000 per head for seminars?

Besides some conflicting information by different presenters, the seminars contained some useful information, information I was happy to get and I’m happy to pay for – not the amount of $15,000, though. In terms of value for money I would rate the seminars be worth something around $500 – $800 per attendee. I have been to similar seminars of other organisations, free of charge and no trying to sign you up with another contract or so.

Untrue statements have been made by your guys. In the session I went to your “ex policeman” claimed that NII is an ASIC approved organisation, this helped me in the decision to sign up with your seminars. It turns out that this was an untrue statement.

Henry, I would be impressed when you’d show some integrity and ethics and refund not only me but all people who attended your seminars and don’t think that they have been ripped off – let’s say 90% of what they paid, just to bring it down to the “value for money” price.

If you don’t know who feels ripped off, I suggest you send an e-mail or letter to all “graduates” and ask them. I also could name you a few people.



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