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03 December 2003

Give Henry a Rest

A scholarly critic on our Henry Kaye coverage.

I used to find your website very interesting generally. However its current preoccupation with Henry Kaye marked by an increasingly ad hominem commentary is becoming boorish, obsessive and observably out of proportion except perhaps as perceived perhaps by a minority of affected Australians, who arguably have only themselves to blame for now reaping the ‘reward’ of their greed inspired speculative interest in property.

That’s not to suggest the Kaye issue isn’t serious in its own right nor the man other than an immoral opportunist albeit an arguably shrewd perhaps even intelligent one. But give it a rest will you?

I say used to in relation to your site in my first sentence as the Kaye issue and his ilk et al now appear to pre-occupy you disproportionately, dominating the news on your site of late to the point where you’re certainly losing my empathy and interest. Could we have a greater balance and proportion in future news article selection please?

Thank you for your otherwise excellent site and thank you for listening.

P.S. I have no ties with, any interest in, dealings or intention of dealings with Henry Kaye and his ilk.


The majority of the people who have lost money in the Henry Kaye scandal are not greedy. They are decent and trusting citizens. Many are financial and emotional wrecks. Compassion – which literally means ‘feeling with others’ – is so often lacking in today’s society.

While you may not like our continuing coverage, you may like the fact that if ever you need us, we’ll be there to help you. I am sure that if you could see what we are seeing you would not be telling us to give it a rest.

Our loyalty and support for honest consumers does not have an expiry date. To them, we will always be ad finem fidelis.

My best wishes to you

Neil Jenman

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