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19 November 2003

Henry Kaye Defender

Denise Brailey argues her case with a Henry supporter.

This comment is in response to the article, Henry’s House of Cards.

If what you are stating is true and NII and Henry Kaye are such frauds, there would be a national enquiry by the Federal government and he would be in jail.

As usual in this country, if not the western world, only the minority groups are heard because they whinge the loudest.

NII has run hundred of seminars. In those seminars there are hundreds if not thousands of clients per course. The total number of NII graduates is phenomenal and would number in the hundreds of thousands. Out of all of those people, who are the Aussie mums and dads that you talk about, only one in every 100 would be unsatisfied with NII or Henry Kaye.

I bet many other Australian companies would like that ratio of satisfied customers. I bet if you looked at Telstra or the CBA you would find a much higher rate of unsatisfied customers.

You don’t acknowledge the thousands of happy customers who have done the NII courses and are succeeding because you don’t hear from them and therefore you don’t know they exist.

Ever case of disgruntled people complaining about NII or Henry Kaye that I have heard, has made a fundamental mistake in their investments and ended up losing money. Every one that has been detailed right across the media, has done something somewhere, usually several times, that they were advised not to do during the seminars or home-study courses.

Yes there are risks in investing and you can’t try and blame someone else when it goes belly because of your own doings. But unfortunately there are sooks in this world who refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

I don’t know much about Henry Kaye’s personal investing history or his alleged practises, I don’t care, that’s his business.

His NII courses work well if people follow the advice and do the work required. Of course if this country didn’t have tall poppies to cut down then several individuals and media/current affair groups would have to find other methods to become rich and famous.



Fortunately, we all live in a great democracy that encourages free speech. It also encourages debate and in that way we can begin to understand the real issues that our fellow citizens are experiencing. I appreciate your honesty when you said: “I don’t know much about Henry Kaye’s personal investing history or his alleged practises, I don’t care.” That is an admirable admission.

Fortunately, for those who have been horribly deceived by the great deceiver Henry Kaye, the innocent victims are able to flock to support groups who will care and assist them. The Real Estate Consumer Association and the members of the Jenman Group via their Consumer Protection Unit, assist the community in this way. We talk to these people on a grass-roots level. We study their documentation and assist with their complaints to various regulatory authorities.

Neil Jenman and I manage to help victims of fraud in a way which is truly unique. Our efforts are funded by those who want to put honesty and ethics back into the market-place. You may say that is a noble cause. It certainly eats into funds. Looking after troubled consumers, is a costly business.

If Henry is still wandering the streets at the moment it is due to regulatory inertia rather than proof someone like Henry and the others, are innocent of the shocking revelations and allegations.

The point is there are people out there who do study Henry’s vast businesses. More importantly, we do care, not just about the Mums and Dads whose lounge rooms we visit as a community effort, but of future potential victims who may be persuaded by Henry to walk into his lair. In other words, we warn those who are most vulnerable of the pitfalls in breathing the same air as this parasite named Henry Kaye. I have met Henry and some of his staff and I have spent two years listening to his victims. You may decide I am perhaps an expert on the subject of scammers. On the other hand you may spend copious amounts of wasted time looking for hidden agendas. I can assure you there is none.

Hopefully, you will judge us by the difference we are making in giving people hope. That people out there, really DO care how their neighbour is coping with life. AND yes, I believe we are making a big difference as to how consumers react to slick and very dangerous advertising methods. The next onslaught will be via Telstra and we will be waiting in the wings whilst authorities blubber about. But then, that is the nature of the beast in the Corporate sector and the world of high finance.

There are no quick roads to wealth. It’s back to saving pennies in the piggy bank and many years of working hard – hopefully in a reasonably paid job. We give people hope. Hope they will recover funds – if, of course, Henry sticks to his doubtful promises and worthless guarantees. Hope that the Federal Government will start to take these matters seriously, including the breathtaking magnitude of the damage all of these scammers have caused. Hope that we can lend a helping hand to those who have lost all faith in a watchdog system that has let down over 100,000 people in Australia today. There are nine scams raging Australia right now and approximately forty unethical operators in each type of scam. Henry is only one of them. He may be a charismatic personality – they usually are – but they live by no moral code and see everyone as fair game for exploitation. It is not just a case of taking their money, he has also plunged them into debt with his deceitful conduct.

Neil Jenman’s motto is: “Don’t Sign Anything until you have sought independent and competent advice.”

RECA’s motto is: “If you have the will, it can be done.”

There is no room in a fair and equitable market-place for the Henry’s of this world. Nor do we appreciate regulators who permit these Houses of Cards to be developed to the detriment of so many people. To understand the message here, you first need to care about people. Australia’s corporate standards have slipped during the past three decades. Caring for one’s neighbour used to be a virtue and benchmark for decency.

Let us hope that together we can resurrect that sentiment and show the old Aussie spirit of lending a hand, is indeed alive and well.

Our members do care and we are making a difference.

Denise Brailey
Real Estate Consumer Association (Inc)

To read the article on which these comments are based, please click here.

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