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15 August 2003

Henry Kaye Under the Pump takes a swing at Henry

It’s good to see that spivvy property guru Henry Kaye is copping plenty of scrutiny at the moment.

The Age’s “city editor” James Button has been hammering away over the past week with these stories.

Kaye, investment guru, faces critics (Aug 9).

Inside Henry Kaye’s club of ‘millionaires’ (Aug 11).

Then it was The 7.30 Report’s turn last night after economics and business reporter Tim Lester scored a rare interview.

Stephen McDonell also gave Henry a good going over on 4 Corners back in April.

And with the Reserve Bank and the banking cartel starting to openly blame the likes of Henry Kaye, gullible property investors can’t say they haven’t been warned.

This guy should be avoided like the plague. His clients are prolonging the apartment boom on crazy gearing and a lot of people are about to lose their shirts when it all comes crashing down as it must.

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