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18 July 2003

Henry Kaye Seminar

The Great Escape

I just read the article about ‘Bert’ at the mall. I am saddened and shocked to hear about his misfortune.

I attended a Henry Kaye course in Sydney about 18 months ago with a friend who happened to sign-up independently of me.

Strangely we found that not only had we each paid different prices for the same course, the person we sat next to also paid even more than us (I paid $10,000 my friend paid $12,000 and the other guy $16,000).

We did the course based on the money back guarantee but, fortunately for us, when we realised it was ‘a bit of a crock’ we walked out. They worked on me for an hour to try and get me to stay – one of them was apparently a psychologist by training!

In the end I left and waited to get my money back. I eventually did after calling them, chasing them and writing to them. I was very worried about it.

It sounds like we were the lucky ones.

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