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29 November 2003

Henry Kaye Victims

Message from Denise Brailey and Neil Jenman.

If you have e-mailed Denise Brailey or Neil Jenman in the past few days and you have not received a reply, we apologise. Please do not think that a lack of response means a lack of care.

We will reply to all messages as soon as possible.

If you are suffering extreme distress or hardship, please send a message and mark it URGENT in the subject line. Also, please include your contact telephone numbers.

We read every message. You are welcome to share anything with us – either on or off the record.

Do not feel embarrassed or ashamed. Some critics may suggest that those who have been ripped off were greedy. In most cases, this is nonsense.

How sad, these days, that the most trusting people are often the most derided as well as the most cheated.

Yes, being cheated hurts. And yes, losing money can create hardship. But always remember that the most important things in life are not things. Thieves can steal your money and your goods but don’t let them steal your mind and your heart.

No matter how bad you may be feeling, be assured that lots of people care about you.

Those who cheat others ultimately come undone. Just as time heals all wounds for the victims, time also wounds all heels.

And thank you to all who have sent us such nice messages. Kind words are our best payment.

Neil Jenman.
Saturday, November 29, 2003.


For further reading about Henry Kaye or NII, please search our site.
If you wish to send a question or comment to Neil Jenman you are most welcome. Neil tries to read every e-mail and respond personally. We have posted some of the common questions together with those we feel may help you. Thank you for your interest.
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