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31 October 2003

Investor Magazine

Shyster advertisements.

Australian Property Investor magazine (API) doesn’t appear to discriminate against the shysters.

I have seen a number of the gurus mentioned in Neil’s consumer seminars advertise themselves in API. The novice investor cannot tell the difference between shysters or anyone else because of a lack of basic knowledge.

The articles and the writers might be good, but does API actually show a level of responsibility?


In fairness to API, if they don’t get advertisers they can’t produce their magazine. Also, to their credit, I believe they now refuse to accept some unsavoury advertisements.For example, they no longer run the advertisement by Phil Jones which brags about making money from drought stricken farmers. They described it as “offensive” and said it would never run again.

They have been true to their word.

To read details of the advertisement that has now been banned by API, click here

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