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18 February 2016


But it still hurts.

UPDATE, October 2007. The director of this company, Ryan Gifford, says he has now sent the signs to the seller. His reason for the delay was that he was “having difficulty with our email” (what that has to do with sending out signs is anyone’s guess. It certainly didn’t seem to delay the speed at which he banked the seller’s money).

Mr Gifford also told us, “If you do not remove the article I will take the matter further.”

So, ‘just a little rip-off’ has now turned into just a little threat.


I advertised my property with for free.

They wanted $49 for a for sale sign. I needed two and so I sent them $98.

After 3 weeks I haven’t received the signs. I have emailed them numerous times, but to no avail.

I can’t ring them because they do not have a phone number listed on their web site.

What can I do? Who can I get in touch with to complain?

Surely he can’t be allowed to just take money like that. He has a mail box address and an email attached to his ABN number. I did a search. His name is Ryan, that’s all I know.

According to ASIC’s records, his name is Ryan Gifford. He is 31 years-old.

The other shareholder is someone called Karlis Baltpurvins.

When we received your complaint, we sent them a message but, just like you, got no reply. Perhaps the signs will turn up one day or perhaps you have just lost your money.

Either way, it’s annoying to send money and then be ignored. Any form of rip-off, no matter how small, still hurts.

You should never send any money to any company that does not clearly identify its directors and does not have an easy-to-contact telephone number. These are the two basic and fundamental rules of doing business over the Internet. This mob breaks both these rules which means you should not do business with them.

For you, this has been a small loss. Let’s hope, in the future, it becomes a lesson that helps you to avoid an even bigger loss.

You should lodge a complaint with the NSW Department of Fair Trading. Some people can’t be bothered making complaints but, really, it’s something you should always do when you get ripped off, no matter how much money is involved.

By complaining you help others to avoid the same frustration.

Thanks for contacting us. At least anyone who does an Internet search will now be warned about Ryan Gifford and his OZPRIVATESALE Pty Ltd.

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