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22 August 2003

No Limit

Checking out the property investment companies

Is there a way of running a background check on a property investment company? About two weeks ago I made a booking to see the following company:

No Limit Lifestyle Investments P/L
A division of No Limit Property Group

I have just recently bought ‘Don’t Sign Anything’, and am growing more wary about the above company, especially after some of the stories in the book.

We have full equity in our home. The person who came to see us for an initial talk suggested we take equity from our home to finance a property investment. We will see their ‘Finance specialists and Property analyst’ at the end of the month.

Is there a website or an organisation where I can check the company’s directors, past history etc, as suggested by the book? Your help of any kind would be much appreciated.


As you would have read, the dodgy property investment companies all have a similar pattern. You are right to be cautious.

At the moment, this company is one of many we are researching. An article is being prepared. It is in draft form.

The working title is ‘No Limit on Property Losses’.

I trust you will take the hint.

Neil Jenman

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