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08 November 2003



Making false promises.

A person who cheats people out of their money with false promises is called a “promistitute”.

Henry Kaye is a major “promistitute”.

Many people are so unaware of what a psychopath can really be like.

Psychopaths come in many forms and are common in society. They are best known for their superficial charm, combined with a pathological tendency to tell lies, and no sense of remorse. These qualities are often sought after and promoted in business these days.

People think it’s a joke when you say psychopaths can be evil. But this is true. Some of these people have a cruel streak and no sense of disgust. That’s why they laugh at others’ misfortune.

You will never get your money back from a psychopath like Henry Kaye.

Before NII closed down, some people did get their money back. However, when there were more people demanding refunds than paying money to Henry, his con game was over. Henry will only pay back money if he can see a benefit to himself in doing so.
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