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24 September 2003

Property Shysters

Government MUST help victims of property rogues.

I have just been reading the article on Ron and Judy. I find it absolutely appalling that hideous shysters like Henry Kaye and obviously others just like him are able to prey on innocent and decent people.

How can someone like Pauline Hanson be locked away for three years when Henry Kaye can roam the streets and cause the devastation that he does? It makes Pauline look like chicken feed.

It certainly is about time the Government stepped in and took a hard stand on these rogues. Perhaps Howard and Costello should start deducting money straight from Kaye’s account to compensate innocent people like Ron & Judy.

I would just like to thank you for making consumers like myself aware of what sort of activities are going on and for keeping us up to date with the latest News Articles on your web-site, I find it extremely informative. Thank you.



This comment refers to the article – BATTLERS CLEANED OUT BY NII

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