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20 November 2003

Real Estate Corruption

Why is nothing being done?

You may want to raise these views.

The ideologically driven Federal Government is holding a multimillion Royal Commission into alleged UNION FRAUD and CORRUPTION within the building and construction industry.

If the Government thinks that is such a worthy cause to sponsor, why aren’t they holding a multimillion dollar Royal Commission into CORRUPTION in the Real Estate Industry (including Real Estate Institute Members and associates)?

Is it because the Real Estate Victims/Battlers are LABOR VOTERS ?

Mr Abbott can find monies for a royal commission into alleged union corruption and a slush fund to depose Pauline Hanson, but he and his Government can’t investigate the scandalous real estate fraud which is rampant across the nation.

Maybe the Federal Government does not want to rock the housing industry boat before the next election. The recent gains in employment are mostly connected with the housing industry. If there is a downturn in housing, then unemployment will shoot up and bank profits will be hit hard. The economic dominoes will roll on from there.

It might be time for this “Government” to be “thrown overboard” at the next election.

Have the wrappers realised the risks if the Government were to ban wrapping?

No one can give assurances that, in the not too distant future, wrapping will not be outlawed, like it is in South Australia.

What advice do the wrappers give their clients to cover this contingency?

Thanks for the chance to comment.


The most amazing aspect of what goes on in real estate is that it is going on. Each day, we shake our heads in frustration – but never despair.

Denise Brailey (Real Estate Consumer Association) places the blame squarely on the Federal Government.

We urge all consumers to write to the government, the authorities and the media. Each voice helps.

If you wish to send a question or comment to Neil Jenman you are most welcome. Neil tries to read every e-mail and respond personally. We have posted some of the common questions together with those we feel may help you. Thank you for your interest.


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