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15 January 2004

Roes Goes

Sharks stay.

February 8 – UPDATE. Queensland State Election. Merri Rose last night lost her seat of Currumbin to the Liberal Party.


Our dearly beloved Minister of Fair Trading, the Honourable Merri Rose has resigned.

What a loss to Queensland real estate consumers this will be!

Who in power is going to fight for the Real Estate Institute Queensland now ?

I suppose her resignation has nothing to do with her being a major political liability for the Labor Government in the upcoming Queensland State Election on February 7.

Premier Peter Beattie announced he was assuming responsibility for Merri Rose’s portfolio from 15 January.

Maybe we could ask the new Minister of Fair Trading, Premier Beattie, what his policy is about misrepresentation and fraud in the real estate industry, and what he will do about it in the next term if re-elected.

Will his election promises be a case of “dummy bidding”.

Premier Beattie is a clever politician, but he has made a big mistake by jumping into the political frypan of this portfolio just before the election.

It has always been our opinion that Merri Rose was the worst Fair Trading Minister in Australia.Queensland is a beautiful state and it is such a shame that crossing that northern border means being attacked by property sharks.

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