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04 October 2003


Please help us.

I have been scammed by Henry Kaye and the National Investment Institute (NII).

We were just looking into the course and the sales consultant said we had time to check it out. He got us to sign up for the course and to sign a finance application – “just to see if we could get the money”.

We thought it was a finance application, however, after 9 days (unbeknown to us) the finance was approved by Australian Finance Direct (AFD).

Two days later we received a letter congratulating us on our finance approval.

We knew nothing about this until we received the contract and terms and conditions in the mail.

We weren’t sure if we were going to do the course, and had not yet made up our minds, however they got the money without us even knowing about it.

We have not been paying the finance company and now we have just received notice that they are suing us. We have pleaded with NII to refund our money, but they will not and don’t even care about us at all.

We cannot believe that the finance company can just hand over $15,000 to NII without us knowing, or approving or accepting the finance or course.

Please could you help us. I have been following your articles. Maybe you can help or just even reply to our story.

Thank you very much.

Yes, of course, we will do our utmost to help.

In the meantime, let this story be a warning to all consumers – Stay Away from Henry Kaye.

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