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James Kank

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24 September 2017

Sold my property for $500,000 more

James Kank has sold over 20 properties in his time and says ‘Leeza is by far the BEST agent I have ever dealt with in my time of selling properties’. Listen to the full story to hear how Leeza got over $500,000 more for James Kank than any other agent in the area.

Here is a video testimonial created by one of the Approved Agencies talking about how they get the highest prices for their properties

After mixed results with other agents…

James: My name is James Kank. I just sold my property in Berwick. I have sold quite a few properties in my life probably about 20. And so, I have dealt with a lot of agents in my life. I’ve had a mixed results with other agents. I would say Lisa by far the best agent I’ve ever dealt with in my time of selling properties.

James got $500,000 more

The professional relationship I had with Lisa was fantastic. She’s always caring and understanding about what my wants and needs were. Willing to accommodate them at all times. The difference between other agents and Lisa, the value that I got from my property was quite substantial. It was around $500,000 more than the other agent was telling me. That’s the initial reason why I told her you better come around and chat to me when she told me that.

How did Leeza get you $500,000 more?

Lisa’s commission is probably a bit above other agents in the area. But her end result is way above your expectations what other agents would do. And she actually delivers on what she says she going to do. I think one of the things why she got higher amount than other people was her negotiation skills. And also a lot to do with her contacts she had in the industry already. And if you bring all those together- her negotiation skills and contacts, that’s why she got the higher price.

Her negotiation skills got us a higher amount

What I would like to say with about Lisa at R&R Real Estate is that she does fantastic job and she’s got all your needs first and foremost. And if you are thinking of using another other agent, and they talk and talk. They don’t usually walk the walk. With Lisa, she actually walks the walk. I highly recommend her for the sale of your property.


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