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16 July 2003

Stayaway From Henry Kaye

The man who inflicts pain

Henry Kaye believes education is important. He says it is knowledge, not time, that creates wealth. Well, for most consumers, all the knowledge they need to know about Henry Kaye can be learned in two words – stay away.

A manual that Henry uses to teach his sales force to sell his education courses (a pack of DVDs and a set of ring binders for around $15,000), is clear, “create pain”. Make people scared of the future.

Be scared alright. If you go near Henry Kaye, you’re likely to feel some serious pain.

The stories about Kaye and his companies are heart breaking. They all tell a similar tale. A knock at the door, a survey at a shopping centre or a phone call in the evening with an invitation to a complimentary seminar. Next comes the offer of an in-home consultation. All free from obligation. But not free from pressure or manipulation. Or pain.

There are huge promises of staggering wealth. Money-back guarantees are offered by a company with a secure sounding name. A national company, one that seems like a major institution. One like The National Investment Institute. Not to be confused with that shonky outfit from Victoria, The Investment Institute. This one adds the word National. It also creates a lot more pain – and on a national scale.

The National Investment Institute is one of more than a hundred companies linked to Henry Kaye.

Not many people seem to know Henry, at least not personally. Even less are prepared to say anything negative about him, especially in public.

In a recent report on Four Corners, former employees had their faces hidden. Last year, one journalist privately claimed that an insider who was about to squeal on Henry suddenly had a change of heart because he “feared for his life”. Heavy stuff. But then Henry’s involved in the kind of money that could make a Columbian drug lord envious. He talks in mega-millions.

In an e-mail inviting people to hear him speak at a seminar on July 21 he claims to have personally “secured” (Henry-speak for purchased?) 260 commercial properties in two years. As usual, his offer is tantalising. He’s going to show how to buy commercial real estate with “less than $500 of your personal money”.

Our warning is simple. Make it five words – STAY AWAY FROM HENRY KAYE.

But that’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s hard to go far in real estate, finance or “wealth creation” these days without running into Henry. Many times you won’t even know it’s him. He’s involved with everything from “investment education” to Mezzanine Lending, a form of high risk fund raising, to apartment projects and joint-ventures.

He even lurks in your local newsagency. If you buy a copy of a magazine with a famous success face on the cover, like Gerry Harvey, it may be linked to Henry. It won’t say so in the magazine. Unlike other get-rich gurus, Henry is not into self-promotion. He prefers to lurk in the shadows, ready to strike at the first sniff of a scheme to separate consumers from their savings. As one of his former employees said, “If he smells a dollar he’ll go for the jugular”.

Well, there are lots of dollars in the cess pools of Henry’s many schemes. And a lot of torn jugulars. What’s amazing, though, is how he has managed to keep going for so long. As financial planner, Travis Morien, wrote, “He moves from one venture to the next, always trying to keep one step ahead of his own bad publicity.”

But while the underground and anecdotal publicity is enormous, the media publicity, considering the scale of his schemes, is minuscule. It seems, for now, those eerie rumours are creating the silence Henry needs. And this means he can keep inflicting pain on unsuspecting consumers.

Don’t let it be you. Stay away from Henry Kaye.

Since this article first appeared, many more articles have been written about Henry Kaye. Please go to our search function and enter ‘Kaye’ to read more.

Travis Morien’s web site.

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