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18 February 2016


Crooks often commit many types of crimes.

We decided to sell our family home to buy a bigger home.

Our mistake was to select an agent called David Briske. He told us that the price range was only $140,000 – $145,000 because the area (Salisbury North) was a disadvantage.

He phoned with an offer of $140,000. We said we’d accept $142,500. Five minutes later our home was sold.

David Briske said it was top price and the market had reached its peak (this was back in February 2003).

As soon as we started to look for another home, we knew we had sold our home far too cheaply.

A few weeks later, the buyers were in the Adelaide paper in front of our home saying they had bought a bargain. Homes in the area had gone up by 31 per cent.

We put our trust in Briske and the big name agency. It was a bitter experience.

The guy who bought our home later went to work with Briske at the real estate office.

Insider trading in real estate should be treated as a serious crime.

It’s a common occurrence and rarely given the attention it deserves, let alone the punishment for the perpetrators.

But people who commit one sort of crime often commit other sorts of crimes.

As did this agent.

Last month, four years after he fleeced you, a District Court jury found 51-year-old David Briske guilty of rape and burglary.

Yesterday, he was sentenced to nine years’ jail.

Society won’t be seeing him again until at least 2013.

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