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18 February 2016


Pushing investors into big black holes.

It has been more than three years since we purchased a property from The Insight Group. We dealt directly with Trent Richards and Stephen Nugent from Insight.

And then there was Property Planet, Faraday Homes, banks and the lawyers recommended by Insight – Andrew Blaak Solicitors.

It has been a saga of lies and deceit.

So, I was delighted to see your article and agree with everything you write.

My partner and myself are intelligent people who got caught up in this hook, line and sinker.

We even went so far as to meet with others and ask them to join a joint law suit against the shonks. [Most of them have been so hurt, they have no money to fight a legal battle].

When I saw your article, a rush of distressing emotions came back. If I had to write the whole saga I would be here forever

One question still has me baffled. When I pressed the bank to reveal what the property was valued at, they were extremely reluctant to reveal the valuation. They said they could only tell the broker who had set up the loan.

The bank finally told us the property was valued at $260,000.00. We paid $355,000.00.

Why would a bank lend you nearly $100,000.00 more than the property was worth?

If you can’t trust banks, bank valuations and solicitors – then who can you trust???

I remember Trent Richards saying that The Insight Group had a method where… “We hold your hand through the entire process…”

He was right!

Insight held our hands, walked us to a big black hole and then pushed us in and walked away.


You are the victims of a well-orchestrated property scam. You should not feel ashamed; you should feel the same way you would feel had you been burgled.

Actually, these scams are worse than normal robberies. With burglaries, at least you can claim on insurance. Within a few weeks, you have all your possessions back.

When you get robbed by the likes of the Insight Group it can take years to recover.

As for who you can trust, the answer is you can NEVER trust anyone recommended by the mob who are selling you something.

Again and again, we repeat the critical message.

Get INDEPENDENT ADVICE before you buy property.

“Independent advice” means a lawyer and a valuer of your choosing – someone who has nothing to do with the people who are selling you the property.

For the rest of your life, send me a message BEFORE you buy or sell.

I will always do my best to prevent you from being stitched up.

P.S. The reason the bank loaned you the money was because Insight made sure your own family home was offered as security as well as the over-priced investment property. Mr Blaak, the lawyer, should have pointed that out to you.

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