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04 December 2003

The Kaye Reports

Don?t rest on Henry.

Nice and calm comment back to the writer of “Give Henry a Rest”. The writer does not understand what we have been through.

I’d like to add that had you been preoccupied like this in the past then many people like me would have escaped. That was why I liked your public apology on November 26.

I believe your web site is full of current updated news… is just coincidence that lately the Kaye news is dominating.

Other times you had no news about Kaye at all which the victims were hungry for….and all of a sudden he is in receivership.

Congratulations and keep bringing us great relevant news which are beneficial to all consumers.

Thank you. However, we will soon be adding an extra section to our site for issues which are of interest to a certain group of consumers.
If you wish to send a question or comment to Neil Jenman you are most welcome. Neil tries to read every e-mail and respond personally. We have posted some of the common questions together with those we feel may help you. Thank you for your interest.
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