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06 August 2003

Westpoint Corporation

Still cold-calling offering ‘consultations’

It may interest you to know that Westpoint Corporation is still cold calling in Melbourne.

They called me twice in as many weeks. When pressed they, admitted that the proposed “free home” visit was a pretext to flog units at Docklands.

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Thanks for your message. If stockbrokers did this, they’d be in all sorts of trouble. Amazing that these real estate companies can cold-call consumers offering home consultations and then sell their own products.

The reason they do it, of course, is because it works. People are still buying these apartments for investment.

If only the prospective buyers would ask the question: What happened to other buyers who bought from your company?

In the case of Westpoint Corporation, here’s one recent case. Two years ago, a man and his wife bought a Westpoint apartment in Melbourne.

Last month they resold it and lost more than $100,000.

You won’t hear about that in the Westpoint sales spiel.

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