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27 January 2014

When Accountants Die

The impression they leave.

I would like to put forward my experiences.

I am a registered nurse and also have a degree in management and law. For the last 20 years I have worked in mental health, the last ten in child and adolescent mental health. One outstanding principle in good mental health for children is after school activities.

Many of my friends do what so many people do – they prioritise property and the pursuit of wealth ahead of their children. We wonder why kids that come from ” good backgrounds” are so messed up, even in jail or mental health institutions.

The reality is that there should be real balance. Bringing up children, providing time, love, understanding and support is such an important part of life.

As a single mother who can’t get a break into law, for now I am happy providing a basic income and watching my children become responsible adults with a sense of fun. That’s most important. My children do not see me save much money as I tell them life is for living as tomorrow may never come. Other than a fortnightly lottery ticket, I do not gamble.

I will pace myself over the rest of my life. I believe that healthy retirees should remain working.

When my mother was 65 she commenced nursing training (enrolled nursing). She is now 73 and is still in full time work. She earns about $50,000 a year with overtime and her investments.

The research in health is quite clear – many of us will be dead before 65. After nursing many dying people and hearing their life stories, I see success as taking that one last journey in the company of a loved one, not the nearest nurse who is too busy.

I felt I should write this because sometimes balance is needed in everything. I have nursed quite a few dying and mentally unwell accountants and they have made the biggest impression on me in regard to these philosophies.

What we put into our children we will reap.

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