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26 May 2004

Widly Wealthy Women

Dymphna and Sandy in my life.

To Neil Jenman.

I am proud to be a member of Wildly Wealthy Women. After going through many financial troubles (most caused by men in my life) Dymphna and Sandy have now put me on the right path to realising my dream of becoming debt free.

Both these ladies have personally guided me and taught me the concepts of wealth creation from all aspects not just real estate. Particularly Dymphna, she is a wonderful mentor to me and many other women from around Australia.

These ladies have gone out and made a difference in so many peoples lives.

As I understand it you apparently write books on the subject of real estate. Until a couple of days ago I had never even heard of you or your books (obviously very inspirational stuff!).

Also if this was just a publicity stunt then I’m afraid it could very well work against you, as all the women associated with Wildly Wealthy Women (we women do tend to talk too much) are sure to tell all who they know, not to buy your book.

Possibly, once you have yourself, gone out and personally mentored hundreds of people on how to change their lives both personally and financially for the better then you may want to offer your “professional” opinion.

I don’t know what I would have done if Dymphna and Sandy had not come into my life. How many people can say that about you?


This issue is about the misleading claims in the marketing material, not the course.

If 500 women want to pay $3,000 each and they all feel good, fine. Although, I do warn people about buying property at the brink of a collapse in the market.

Suggest you spend some time on our web site or buy my book, Don’t Sign Anything! (for which I receive about $5).

This week I finally spoke to Dymphna and asked why she had not replied to my previous email about her marketing material. Apparently she does not check emails sent to her at her office, so she has now given me her direct email.

I had also emailed and faxed her promoters, who go under the name of Break Free Events. Again, I got no reply.

I have now sent another lengthy letter to Dymphna and Sandy urging them to retract their misleading claims. So far, silence is the only response.

I may place this letter on our site soon. It will be headed, Dymphna, Sandy and Stella.

When you read it, I hope that you care for Stella as much as you care for Dymphna and Sandy.

These comments refer to the article THE PROPERTY REVOLUTION

If you wish to send a question or comment to Neil Jenman you are most welcome. Neil tries to read every e-mail and respond personally. We have posted some of the common questions together with those we feel may help you. Thank you for your interest.
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