Testimonials We have more happy sellers that have sold with us than any other group in the world to our knowledge. And all our sellers are proud to list their numbers, feel free to call anyone to verify.

Kirsty Webb, Ringwood VIC. PH – 0413 273833
“We are so fortunate to have this service and not have to worry about the hassles that other people go through. Selling our family home is now a breeze.” 

Lea Donaldson, Fairfield East NSW. PH – 0404 924049
“Having JENMAN SUPPORT by my side I feel safe & confident to sell my home that I’ve lived in for the past 30 years. I wouldn’t do it any other way. Thanks for looking after me.” 

Joe and Charles Abela, Parramatta NSW. PH – 0408 886026
“We have all the confidence in the world knowing the experts in Real Estate are keeping a watchful eye over the selling process of our property. We couldn’t be more pleased.” 

Bianca Bene, Sandy Bay TAS. PH – 0409534909
“I now have a higher element of trust and confidence with the support and knowledge provided by JENMAN SUPPORT. All my concerns and questions have been answered. I really love the flexibility of it all.” 

Georgia Willis, Williamstown VIC. PH – 0401 211892
“I think what you are doing is terrific and there should be more people out there like you.” 

Helen Adam, Parkside SA. PH – 0424 037534
“A service that we need, to keep the industry honest.” 

John Nielsen, Banksia NSW. PH – 0424 592580
“Rapt in the service, the support and care that is given 24 hours, around the clock.” 

David Upton, Teneriffe QLD. PH – 0438 197597
“The service is outstanding. I couldn’t be happier.” 

Julie O’Connell, Pascoe Vale VIC. PH – 0412 654583
“I feel so fortunate to have JENMAN SUPPORT. The support and guidance I receive is always in my best interest.” 

Barry Ryman, Kelso QLD. PH – 0437 817430
“Don’t know what we would have done without JENMAN SUPPORT. This is surely the best thing that has ever happened to the real estate industry.” 

John Pannell, Morgan SA. PH – 0437 327217
“We were on the market for 6 months. Then, I called JENMAN SUPPORT. Wow! The house is now sold and I can honestly say if it wasn’t for JENMAN SUPPORT, we’d probably be still on the market.” 

David Poole, Kelvin Grove QLD. PH – 0408 073039
“Talk about efficient. I had the house sold in 48 hours. JENMAN SUPPORT, take a bow.” 

Nerissa Wood, Carina Heights QLD. PH – 0431 535091
“I found the service, follow up and quality of information fantastic and they referred me to an agent who impressed me with his enthusiasm, knowledge of the industry and his integrity. I would not hesitate to refer JENMAN SUPPORT to my friends and family.” 

Damir Buljat, Truganina VIC. PH – 0402 748846
“More people should be using this service. The agent they referred has been a delight to work with.” 

Greg Sparrius, Forrest Lake QLD. PH – 0414 769018
“The agent you referred was fantastic. He was honest and genuine. He made the process quite painless.” 

Prue Johnson, Vaucluse NSW. PH – 0404 179778
“I would recommend this service to everyone. You will receive honest and straightforward advice.” 

Stephen Lambert, Hoppers Crossing VIC. PH – 0400 830515
“Really appreciate the service. It was quick and efficient. My safety is guaranteed. I’m glad I called JENMAN SUPPORT before I called an agent.” 

Peter Power, Concord NSW. PH – 0407 940483
“I wish I had known about this service before I wasted $5,000 on a campaign that led to nowhere. Thankfully, I got in touch with JENMAN SUPPORT and was rescued.” 

Rebecca Brear, South Penrith NSW. PH – 0432 897326
“By choosing JENMAN SUPPORT, we were able to save money on the agents fee, WOW! The service and especially the advice they provided was outstanding.” 

Gavin Christian, Canberra ACT. PH – 0412 681473
“If I didn’t read ‘Don’t Sign Anything!’, I wouldn’t be able to help my friends and family against unscrupulous agents.”