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  1. janet
    November 25, 2020 @ 8:20 am

    Yes agents don’t listen. When I was selling my previous home I told the agent (the second agency as the first did nothing for 3 months) to tell people that there were termites in the shed. Not the house – the shed. He went a bit vague. a buyer was found and a contract signed. What do you know – after the pest inspection the buyers declared that there were termites in the shed and I had to drop the price $3 K for this terrible inconvenience. I was over it and did as I was told. To this day I feel that RAY WHITE REALTY owes me three thousand dollars because they DID NOT LISTEN.


  2. LR
    November 25, 2020 @ 9:24 am

    We have one we are waiting to get rid of. During negotiation, on a Monday we told him we would accept their offer of X if he came to the party and reduced his fees (he had done nothing, but showed the first party round). He said he’d speak to his boss. He did nothing till he called us Thursday lunchtime and said they would not go up to X plus 5k. He hadn’t done anything about his fees. We told him we’d accept X if he could come to the party fee-wise, he called back and said he’d reduce by 2k, we said OK go for it. He only then called buyers who had offered and been accepted elsewhere as they had not heard from him, though they said they would have taken ours if he had heard in time. Due to his lack of communication and not knowing what was going on we lost that easy sale. We now wait till his contract runs out and will do it ourselves. P****d off!


  3. Jane
    November 25, 2020 @ 9:43 am

    Excellent article. I hope it’s read by the agents who really need to know this. As a seller I’ve only had to use agents 4 times in my life and come across most of these issues, especially chauvinism. It’s pretty disgusting.
    I rejected one agent when he sent his assistant to deliver me some info and as she teeter-tottered her way down a steep path in high heels I asked her why on earth she wasn’t wearing comfortable shoes given all the running around (literally) she had to do every day. She replied that the boss (agent) ‘required’ her to wear a short dress and high heels. In this case I rang the agent and told him why I wasn’t going with him. He was incredulous and asked aggressively what difference it made to me. I replied that it was symbolic of how he’d treat me and any women potential buyers. I don’t think he got the message.


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