Why we do this.

Your trust means the world to us. It is our greatest honour.

There is no better reward in the business world than genuine appreciation from home sellers and buyers or investors who are thousands of dollars better off thanks to our help.

PLUS, as Neil Jenman constantly says: “The entire real estate world would not exist without the real estate consumers – those home sellers and buyers and investors, all trying to build a better future for themselves. These are the people who ultimately pay all our wages. These are the people we must look after first. We must place their needs ahead of our own.”

Yes, the money trail always leads back to the mums-and-dads in the suburbs or those battling to make ends meet. Yet, instead of appreciating these people, instead of giving them advice that’s best for them, most ‘business players’ in real estate exploit consumers. Seldom do companies (agents or advertisers or any ‘suppliers’) give consumers advice that truly helps consumers. Behind-the-scenes, the corporate attitude is, “How can we make more money out of consumers?”

And, if you think Neil Jenman is one of them, think again. Neil is so dedicated to placing consumers first that his books and his articles have been banned from places frequented by agents (such as all News Ltd suburban papers and most industry websites).

Neil is not popular with many (most?) agents for one reason: He is genuinely committed to consumers. He tells consumers the truth about what most agents really do and how their slick lines are designed to sound good to sellers and buyers but, more often than not, most agents leave most consumers worse off financially than they need be.

Agents have often accused Neil of “betraying the industry” but Neil’s answer is simple: “These agents who criticise me have seldom paid me a cent. They have never trusted me with the sale of their homes. If agents stopped abusing me and started doing what I suggest – take better care of consumers, they’d all be a lot better off. It always amazes me that agents will say they “disagree” with me or they “don’t like” my systems or methods. But ask them if they have read any of my books and they will say no. How can you disagree with someone if you don’t know their philosophy? Sellers and buyers who have read my books and who come to my website and contact me are all supportive. We have 100 per cent support from consumers. From more than half a million copies of my first book ‘Real Estate Mistakes’, there has never been a complaint or criticism from a consumer. Only agents complain.

And why do consumers support Neil and agents don’t?

Well, it’s obvious: Neil places the interests of consumers first, always has, always will. He loves his work with consumers.

Here is what we, at Jenman Support, all firmly believe:

If every home seller contacted Neil BEFORE they contacted an agent, they would all be better off, most to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

To quote Neil again: “Your home is your biggest financial asset. Don’t short-sell it – that’s like moving out and leaving a suitcase full of cash in your lounge room. Let me help you take all your home’s value with you – in cash.”  

What Neil does can be summed up in eight words:



Who are we?

Neil Jenman

NEIL JENMAN is our leading real estate expert. Neil has spent his entire working life protecting real estate consumers. He opened his own real estate office in 1984. Neil’s office became so successful that other agents began flocking to visit him, all wanting to know WHAT he did and HOW he did it. This led to Neil becoming a real estate systems designer and renowned speaker. Thousands of agents attended Neil’s courses, where they learned systems based on “ethics in real estate”. In 1999, Neil wrote the highest selling real estate advice book in Australian history, Real Estate Mistakes. More than half a million copies have been published and sold.

Neil has appeared on television hundreds of times in the role he most cherishes – real estate consumer advocate. He has protected and saved thousands of real estate consumers from making mistakes. In 2007, ABC’s documentary, Australian Story, devoted an episode to Neil’s life as a consumer advocate. As one of the many consumers he has rescued said on-air: “He’s this little man with a big heart who does exactly what he says he is going to do.”

Today, Neil helps agents who support his commitment to ethics in real estate. Some of these agents are known as ‘Jenman Approved’. Even if there is not a ‘Jenman Approved’ agent in your area, Neil has now devised a way whereby you can become a ‘Jenman Approved’ homeseller at no extra cost! To learn how, please contact 1800 1800 18 or email me here.

As well as Neil helping and giving support to consumers, he also has a team made up of many of Australia’s best agents. The word “best” does not necessarily mean the agents who earned the most commissions or even made the most sales. To us, “BEST” means finding and working with agents who can offer sellers three huge benefits: First, the highest price, second, low or no risk and third, delight the clients.

To contact Neil Jenman, please click here.

Reiden Jenman

REIDEN JENMAN set up Real Estate Monitors and Referrals in 2006 in response to the tens of thousands of people visiting the Jenman website and seeking assistance, usually in finding the best agent to sell their home. Since then, thousands of sellers have had the pleasure and the increased profit that comes from dealing with an agent who is skilled in the art of negotiation, an agent who truly knows how to get the highest price for homesellers.

Reiden helps Neil to help so many people who are selling their homes. She proudly refers to herself as Neil’s ‘BEPA’ (best ever personal assistant).

To contact Reiden Jenman, please click here.

SANDRA ADLER is the first point of contact for many people needing real estate assistance. She has been with the ‘Jenman Support’ team for 12 years. Her popularity is unsurpassed. Nothing is too much trouble for Sandra who has made many friends from the thousands of people she has spoken with over the years.

To contact Sandra Adler, please click here.

HEATHER GOODWIN was once in real estate sales. She has now been part of our team for 7 years. Heather loves the service we give to consumers. It’s such a pleasure for Heather to help sellers, many of whom find it hard to believe, at first, that there is not some ‘catch’. But, as you will see from the appreciation shown to sellers, what Heather does to help them is very real and very genuine.

To contact Heather Goodwin, please click here.

HALEY CERVINO (JENMAN) is one of our first point of contact personnel. She has worked within the Jenman Group for many years, then took leave to gain experience within her own business where she developed her excellent skills in customer relations, and now she is back with a passion. Her knowledge of real estate, phone manner and compassion for customers is second to none. She is also a chip off the old block, as she has her father’s irresistible selling style. Haley is affectionately known around the office as “the best”.

To contact Haley Cervino, please click here.

ALEC JENMAN, one of Jenman Support’s up and coming stars. Alec dived into Jenman Support fresh out of high school and into his father’s domain, keen to learn as much as he can about real estate. After gaining some real estate knowledge from his Dad (Neil Jenman) Alec is currently honing his skills in marketing and administration. He is keen to follow in his “old Man’s ” foot steps in the real estate world.

Stay tuned….!

To contact Alec Jenman, please click here.

DEBBIE MATTHEWS has been the senior secretary to Neil and Reiden Jenman for more than ten years. Debbie is ‘famous’ with our team and our clients for both her courtesy and competency. It is well-known among our team and our regular clients: If you want to make absolutely certain that something gets done and done well, make sure you get hold of Debbie or, better still, put Debbie in charge.

To contact Debbie Matthews, please click here.

PHILL BRANFORD. After 36 years as a senior engineer with Qantas, Phill retired. For about a week! He met the Jenman family in 2013 and began helping them in their personal and business matters – doing everything from home maintenance to stock control. At the start of 2019, Neil and Reiden were in need of a competent supervisor to help them manage the intricacies involved with the planned growth of Jenman Real Estate Support. Phill seemed the perfect person. As Neil said, “If he can keep jumbo jets in the air, he can help us to help more sellers with Jenman Support.” Neil Jenman proudly refers to Phill as “the boss”. Customers love Phill’s sincerity and commitment plus the fact that he comes from a non-real estate background, other than as a customer. He knows what customers need. He is “one of them”. Phill is a great asset.

To contact Phill Branford, please click here.

NICOLE THOMPSON (LAMBERT) is in charge of keeping strict control of our financial position. Like all our team, Nicky, openly admits that she loves her job and the help that she constantly sees us giving to delighted and appreciative consumers. In all the years that Neil has been in business, he has never had a person in charge of accounts who he trusts more than Nicole. Her strengths are her loyalty, her ability and that she gets along with everyone, whether they are her colleagues or clients. Nicole Lambert is a decent and dedicated young lady of whom we are all very proud.

To contact Nicole, please click here.

ALEXANDER ZHANG. After 6 long sweaty months working on the shop floor of JB HIFI, Alex was serving Nicole (Jenman Finance) and her sister in regards to purchasing a computer. After talking for about half an hour, Nicole returned back to the store to purchase some other goods that she needed for Neil when she offered Alex the opportunity to apply for a position he couldn’t resist.  Now, Alex is the Jenman Support IT guru and currently retires in a little room on the Jenman office block, smashing his fingers away at the computer helping solve issues that appear to come in waves everyday in the workplace.

To contact Alex, please click here.


What does it cost?

When you use Jenman Support to help you find and support an agent, the selected agent pays us a support fee from the agent’s standard fee for the sale of your property. One of our many happy sellers said it beautifully when she said: “Oh, I get it – the agents pay you to protect us from them. Wonderful!”


If you are a consumer, we hope you now understand how much we care about you and how committed we are about protecting your financial position when it comes to the price for your property. Please do us one small favour in return – care about us.

Here’s what we mean: Obviously, we need to pay our staff and our operating costs. The only reason we can offer this free service to you, as a consumer, is when you tell the agents that you want our support (we call this our Request To Support or RTS). You want us involved in your sale. If you go directly to the agent, we may get nothing, no matter how much work we have done for you or how much we have helped or saved you. So, please, just as we help you for nothing, it costs you nothing to give us your support in return and appreciation. To ensure that we can fund our free work for consumers, we suggest you say something such as this to the agent:

“We have been speaking with Jenman Support and they have offered to help us at no charge when we are selling. We have accepted their offer. So, if you wish to help us, we insist that Jenman must be involved. Please speak with Neil or one of his colleagues from now on about the sale of our home.”

Indeed, many agents now say, We speak with the Jenman Support people as if they were the owners because the owners won’t do anything without speaking with Jenman.

Many agents admit that having Jenman Support involved in the sale is the primary reason they are able to get the highest price for sellers. See statements from agents, by clicking here.

Your agent can get you the highest price for your home thanks to our help.


Values, Ethics & Client Care

Our Mission

To provide the finest real estate service in Australia, based on the highest standard of ethics, values and client care.

In so doing, we will earn the loyalty and trust of homesellers and buyers who will become our lifelong clients and friends because we always place their interests ahead of our own.

This is our mission. We will live up to it in everything we do. Our success will always be measured by the happiness and the loyalty of our clients.

Respond to the needs of consumers by striving to provide the finest real estate service in the world, based on the highest standard of ethics, values and client care.


Purpose of APPROVED

For Real Estate Consumers:

  1. To respond to the needs of consumers by striving to provide the finest real estate service in the world, based on the highest standard of ethics, values and client care.
  2. To protect all honest consumers from financial and emotional mistakes when selling or buying real estate.
  3. To constantly inform consumers of the risks and dangers in real estate.

For Agents:

  1. To enhance the businesses and careers of agents as a direct consequence of their commitment to ethics, consumer protection and client care.
  2. To enable the best agents to enjoy a sense of meaning and pride in their professions which, in turn, enhances their personal lives

For Society:

  1. To make a meaningful contribution to our society, both in local communities and throughout our nation and our world by making regular financial or personal contributions to people or causes in need of assistance.
  2. To be good corporate citizens by setting an example of integrity and ethics in the business community.

Protect all honest consumers from financial and emotional mistakes when selling or buying real estate.


Core Values of APPROVED

There are Five Core Values which represent our major beliefs and philosophies.

These are the foundation of APPROVED.


1. Trust

We believe trust is the most important ingredient in any relationship.

To receive trust we have to be worthy of trust. This requires integrity which means ‘soundness of moral principle’.

We must always do what is right, regardless of the cost to ourselves or how hard it may be. This is called the ‘hard right’. We accept that trust must be earned – often over a long period of time, and that it can be lost in a few seconds. We have to trust ourselves and each other to do what is right so that we can earn and keep the trust of consumers. We will keep our promises and be known as people who ‘walk their talk’. Our actions will always exceed our words.

Trust is the first of our vales.


2. Responsibility

It is our responsibility to care about our clients and respect the trust they give us by choosing us as their agents. It is our responsibility to be worthy of this trust. It is our responsibility to be loyal to our clients.

We accept that we are responsible for our attitude, our knowledge and our skills and, therefore, our level of success.

In our careers we accept that we are responsible for the culture in our offices.

We accept all our responsibilities to our clients, our colleagues and our families.


3. Understanding

We understand our system and the duty of our role.

We care about our clients, our colleagues and our profession. We know how important it is to listen and to communicate. We strive to be good listeners and good communicators.

We strive to see the obvious by sifting through many complexities. We help others do the same. We understand that when our clients understand us, when they know and see that we care about them, we will never be short of clients.

We understand that true business success comes from caring about others.

We understand the importance of personal character in every aspect of life.


4. Standards

We believe in standards of excellence in all that we do.

Our standards begin with our personal character. We believe it is hypocritical to show one face in public and another in private, especially if our private face would not be approved of by our clients.

Our minimum standard is to win every client for life – to win more than a satisfied client, to win a loyal client.

We believe in respecting people and if we cannot respect people we believe it is wrong to associate with them, whoever they are.

We believe that the maintenance of excellent standards requires a commitment to continual learning. We have minimum learning standards so that we can constantly increase our results and service standards.

We measure our success by two standards – client, loyalty and profit. We believe that both these standards are dependent on each other.

We believe that the maintenance of excellent standards requires a commitment to continual learning.


5. Truth

We believe in being truthful with ourselves and with others.

We do not believe in misleading or deceptive conduct, no matter what the reason. We would rather lose business than use any method which relied on lies or deceit of any kind.

We believe honesty is the only way to succeed in business – in the long term. We are here for the long term.

Being open and truthful in business is so rare that it creates a huge impression. We believe in making the right impression. We believe in the truth.

We believe it is wrong to deny our mistakes or cover them up with half-truths or excuses. We admit our mistakes and face the consequences.

We believe half-truths are whole lies.

The truth saves time; it prevents worry.

We are not always perfect, sometimes we are not even excellent.

But we must always be truthful and honest.

We believe half-truths are whole lies.


These are our Five Core Values. They are easy to remember because they are based on one word: TRUST

T = Trust

R = Responsibility

U = Understanding

S = Standards

T = Truth

These are character values.

Every day, with every person, an APPROVED agent should be a fine example of our Five Core Values.

Constantly inform consumers of the risks and dangers in real estate.


Code of Client Care of APPROVED

Our Care Code for Honest Consumers

1. Client Benefit

A System which is based on client benefits is the only type of system which ensures long term success and pride in one’s profession. Members will at all times place the interests of clients above their own.

2. Duty to Homesellers

Homesellers employ an agent to find a buyer and obtain the highest selling price for their property. Members must never compromise the selling price of a home by using any system or method or saying anything which may damage the value of the client’s home. Most homesellers are entrusting their greatest asset to the agent. This places a grave responsibility upon the Member who shall, at all times, be worthy of this trust.

3. Duty to Homebuyers

A Member must be fair and honest with all homebuyers. A Member must focus on the needs of homebuyers and find them a home within their budget. The most important point to sellers is the selling price, while the most important point to buyers is finding the home they like, provided they can comfortably afford it.

4. Skills

It is a Member’s responsibility to ensure that the skill levels of all staff are of a high professional standard which enables the agency to provide the best service to all clients and customers. Education is to be an on-going process with the goal of continuous improvement. A Member will ensure that staff have high knowledge in the subjects of ethics and communication skills.

5. Welcome

Members will make sure that every person who contacts the agency will receive a wonderful welcome. The office receptionist will make everyone feel special and important – because they are. There will be bright, fresh flowers at reception, together with a bowl of crisp apples. The office will be well-lit and clean, conveying an atmosphere of genuine warmth and professionalism. Visitors will be offered tea or coffee or soft drinks which will be presented in fine china or quality glasses. Rest rooms will be immaculate with clean fresh hand towels and facilities.

The office receptionist will make everyone feel special and important – because they are.

6. Personal Presentation

A member must ensure all staff take pride in their personal grooming and appearance as this affects the judgement clients and customers make of the entire agency. The dress code shall be conservative and professional. All vehicles should be kept conservative with four doors and be kept immaculate at all times.

The dress code shall be conservative and professional.


Members will make consumers aware that their agency is an APPROVED agency. The APPROVED logo should be displayed as close to the entrance as possible. Products and materials available under APPROVED should be visible and may form part of the office window display. However, the office must always trade under its own name. APPROVED in an accreditation denoting that the agency is committed to consumer protection, ethics and client service. It is not a trading name. For more details, see the APPROVED Members Agreement.

8. Enquiry

All incoming enquiries should be handled speedily, politely and efficiently.

9. Seller Presentations

Prior to a listing presentation, Members will ensure that sales staff explain the APPROVED Presentation to homesellers.

10. Client Feedback

Members will ensure that all clients receive regular feedback on the progress of their sale.

11. Heart Buyer Search

A Member will ensure that a search is conducted for a ‘Heart Buyer’ for every home listed with the agency. Such a search should commence within 48 hours of listing the home and will include a minimum of 500 residents being contacted around the listed home. Heart buyer cards will be used for this purpose in addition to the personal contact by the agency’s Sales Creator or ‘rookie’ in the ‘trial’ stage of a sales career.

12. Sales Assistant

It is recommended that one Assistant be employed for every two senior Salespeople. The Sales Assistants are to offer assistance to the home seller with any minor maintenance on their home or anything special that can be done for the client. At the time of moving, the Sales Assistant will offer to help sellers and buyers move by packing or lifting boxes or do anything to ease the stress of the move.

13. Special Impressions

A Member will do everything possible to make the experience of dealing with the agency special and unforgettable. The aim is to win consumers for life and this requires a Member to offer extraordinary service. Clients and customers should all be surprised and delighted at the care and attention shown to them.

14. Senior Citizens

Members must take extra care when dealing with elderly people who should be treated with the utmost respect and consideration and offered ‘special’ benefits. For those with limited financial resources, consideration should be given to paying the cost of their removal. Anything extra that can be done to help senior citizens is what a Member must consider doing.

15. Survival Baskets

Members will ensure that a quality and well-stocked ‘Survival Basket’ is given to all sellers and buyers. This basket will be delivered to the homesellers on the day before they are due to move and to the homebuyers on the day they move in.

16. Lifetime Warranty

All homebuyers are to receive the APPROVED Lifetime Warranty which is to be delivered personally by a senior member of the agency after the buyers have been in the home for at least one month but no longer than three months.

17. Service Hours

Members should open their offices from 9am until 7pm seven days per week. On week-ends there should be ample sales staff available to attend to the need of buyers and sellers. The office should be available24 hours by paging service. The office should be closed on Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Australia Day and Anzac Day. It is also recommended that the office be closed on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

18. Control Logs

Members must have a central Enquiry Log to record all incoming seller and buyer enquiry. The agency will also have a Changes Log to note any changes to listings or any special requests of clients.

19. Client Care Bonuses

Members should ensure that sales staff receive regular bonuses for client care as per the guidelines in the APPROVED System.

20. Client Feedback

Members should receive a feedback report on every sale made by the agency. It will be the responsibility of the salesperson to ensure that buyers and sellers complete the brief feedback card. Completion of this report is mandatory for any sale to carry a credit toward bonuses. Salespeople should receive in excess of 90 percent positive feedback from clients and customers to remain employed at the agency. APPROVED requires a Member’s agency to have a minimum client enthusiasm rating of 98 percent.

21. Quality Monitoring

Members accept and agree that APPROVED may monitor the quality of service provided by the agency. Members also agree that APPROVED will be entitled to make recommendations to maintain and increase levels of client care from time to time.

22. Client Complains

Members should notify APPROVED of any complaint made by a homeseller or buyer, no matter how trivial. In the event of a dispute which is not resolved to the complete satisfaction of the client or customer, a Member agrees that APPROVED will arbitrate in the dispute and the decision made will be accepted by the Member. The welfare of honest consumers and the integrity and good name of APPROVED will always take precedence over the interests of any Member. In the event of mischievous or unethical complaints from buyers and sellers, the Member will still agree to the decision made by APPROVED

23. Ethics

This Code of Client Care is to be followed in addition to the Code of Ethics both of which may vary from time to time. The Member agrees to accept any variances and to strictly follow both Codes for the benefit and well-being of honest consumers and the community as a whole. APPROVED is committed to ethics and client care.

APPROVED is committed to ethics and client care.


Code of Ethics of APPROVED

Our Ethics Code for Honest Consumers

1. Legal Law

Members will at all times obey the law applicable to estate agents in their state.

2. Moral Law

Members must be aware that legal does not necessarily mean ethical. Many unethical business dealings are legal. Members will use moral laws based on “doing the right thing” by all people with whom they do business and with whom they work. Members are expected to use their character and good judgement to know what is morally right.

3. Staff

Members will treat all staff with respect and will expect the same from staff members toward each other and to the Member. A happy work environment is the starting point for creating happy clients. Members will not tolerate rudeness and sloppy client service by any staff members. The leader will set a good example and will at all times be committed to building and maintaining a happy team environment.

Members will observe and apply all relevant Occupational, health and Safety Standards.

4. Staff Rewards

Team members will receive above-award salaries with bonuses paid regularly based on attitude and performance. This applies to all staff. No person should be paid on commission-only. Members will meet all staff regularly on a ‘one-on-one’ basis. Members will ensure that staff have regular periods of rest. Members will be considerate of the personal lives of all staff.

5. Staff Difficulties

Members will act promptly and fairly in the event of difficulties with staff. Members should investigate any apparently unethical or dishonest behaviour by staff. Members must notify APPROVED immediately by phone and also in writing, and take all appropriate action, including disciplinary action, required in the circumstances. If a staff member, of more than six month’s service, becomes seriously ill or has a serious illness in his or her family, the Member is expected to continue paying the full salary and entitlements to the staff member for at least six months and, if necessary, to offer additional financial, personal and moral support to the staff member.

6. Presentation

Members will ensure that the presentation of their offices and their staff meets the standards befitting of one of the best real estate offices in the world.

7. Client Care

Members must, at all times, give priority to the interests and happiness of their clients. In the event that the Member is incapable of keeping a client happy, the Member will withdraw his or her services from the client. Members are required to adhere to the APPROVED Code of Client Care.

Members must, at all times, give priority to the interests and happiness of their clients.

8. No-risk

Members will never create a situation where the agency can profit if the clients of the agency suffer financial loss if their property is unsold. If the agent is not confident of effecting a sale, the agent to decline to accept the client.

9. Auctions

The agency may conduct auctions provided that the agency is prepared to guarantee that no consumer – either sellers or buyers – can lose money as a consequence of the auction. The agency must also refund any proven lost expenses to unsuccessful buyers at auctions.

10. Inspections

Members will ensure that all people who inspect a property have been properly identified and are in a position to buy the home should they so desire.

11. Qualifying of Homebuyers

Members will ensure that all homebuyers are fully qualified before being shown properties for sale. Members should make office appointments, at a time to suit the buyers, so that stress and frustration of clients is avoided through unnecessary inspections.

Members will ensure that all homebuyers are fully qualified before being shown properties for sale.

12. Marketing

Members and all sales staff are required to study and have a knowledge of marketing and to ensure they are always aware of the most cost-efficient and effective ways of marketing a residential home. The Member should take great care to avoid damage to the value of a client’s home with typical real estate advertising.

13. Negotiation

Members and all sales staff are required to study and have a knowledge of negotiation and to have completed the real estate negotiation skills tests required by APPROVED.

14. Training

Members are required to study leadership and management by completing the required management courses of APPROVED. In addition, Members should keep themselves up-to-date on all changes to the law and improvements to the System. Members should ensure that all their staff are highly trained. Sales staff should attend a minimum of 100 hours of training annually. Support staff should attend a minimum of 50 hours of training annually. All training courses should be approved by APPROVED.

15. Guarantees

Members should provide all clients with the guarantees required by APPROVED, and will immediately act in accordance with he terms of the guarantees if required to do so. In the event of a dispute, the Member will accept the decision made by APPROVED regardless of whether this decision benefits the Member.

16. Listings

Members should not accept properties for sale unless they are certain they have an excellent chance of selling the property. Members are required to have high list-to-sell ratios as recommended by APPROVED.

17. Client Explanations

Members are required to ensure that their sales staff explain all relevant points of method of sale, marketing and total fees, to clients before clients make a decision to list or sell their property. The APPROVED presentation should be clearly presented to every homeseller. Every point should be covered.

18. Real Estate Institutes

Members may belong to Institutes if they choose. However Members are not permitted to use Institute material or systems unless such material offers benefits which are clearly in the best interests of the clients. The same provision applies to real estate franchise groups and marketing networks.

19. Fees and Charges

Members should not charge ‘up-front’ fees for any reason. All fees are payable by clients at the time of a completed sale. In cases of permanent hardship, Members should make NO CHARGE for their services. In cases of temporary hardship, Members should offer a payment plan on terms to suit the client. Under no circumstances will interest be charged, nor will Members lodge a caveat against the title of the clients’ property.

All fees are payable by clients at the time of a completed sale.

20. Other Agents’ Clients

The Jenman System has a NO_APPROACH policy towards clients of other agents. In light of recent court decisions, it is legally permissible to make all sellers aware of alternate services. However, Members must not harm the interests of any homesellers. Interfering with sales in progress by another agent is not recommended unless the Member is prepared to make good any loss which may occur to a homeseller as a result of such interference. In all circumstances, the interests of the homeseller must come first.

21. Offers

Members must advise clients of all offers made on their properties. Members must never submit an offer to a client which is lower than the amount offered, nor will Members ever submit any false or ‘dummy’ offers. Members should recommend that all offers are to be submitted by way of a Buyers’ Price Declaration. The amount of any offer, whether present or past, whether accepted or rejected, must not be revealed to other buyers at any time. The Member must ‘protect’ the value of the clients’ property.

22. Prospecting

Members are to be courteous and considerate when looking for business. If a home owner requests no contact, the Member will respect the request. Under no circumstances can an agency approach a home owner in times of sadness or bereavement unless that home owner is a friend or past client of the Member and there is no mention of business.

23. Confidentiality

A Member must keep confidential the personal information provided by a client. The reason a home is being sold is generally of no relevance to anyone other than the client. In cases of sales of homes of well-known people, a Member should not reveal the identity of the client unless the client expressly instructs that his or her name be revealed.

24. Personal Interest

A Member, or an immediate relative of a Member, is not permitted to buy through the Member’s agency. This provision applies to all staff in the agency.

25. Advice

Members must take care not to give investment or legal advice without advising the recipient of such advice to seek independent advice, preferably from a lawyer or a qualified investment adviser.

26. Criticism

Members should not remain silent about, nor accept or tolerate, unethical behaviour in the real estate industry.

Members should not remain silent about, nor accept or tolerate, unethical behaviour in the real estate industry.

27. Civic Duty

Members have a civic duty to their local area and should always be ready to help with a community emergency. Members are expected to be fine examples of good corporate citizens.



To provide the finest real estate service in Australia, based on the highest standard of ethics, values and client care.

In so doing, we will earn the loyalty and trust of homesellers and buyers who will become our lifelong clients and friends because we always place their interests ahead of our own.

This is our mission. We will live up to it in everything we do. Our success will always be measured by the happiness and the loyalty of our clients.

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