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In the meantime, learn how we can guarantee you

The Best Agents
With All Risks Removed!

Our goal is to find you the best possible agent to sell your home.
We have designed 8 SELLER PROTECTION POINTS that your agent is ‘held’ to and we charge you nothing for our support.

Who are we?

The Best Agents

To qualify as “best agent”, agents must agree to our ‘8 Seller Protection Points’. These points protect you and help you get a sure sale at the highest price.
What do we do?

Nothing To Pay Us. Nothing To Sign With Us

Remember when you trusted a handshake? Remember when happy customers were paramount? We will never ask you for money. We never ask you to sign anything. No obligation, you can leave us at any time.
Why do we do this?

No Risk For Sellers

We protect sellers from the usual risks, such as paying thousands of dollars for no sale. All risk is passed back to the agents, not you. That’s why we call them the “best agents”.

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Our 3 guarantees

We will never ask you to sign anything

We will never ask you for money

We will always work for your best interest

Our 8 protection terms

We hold agents to 8 protection terms designed to protect and benefit you!

You cannot get these 8 protection terms anywhere else – ONLY at Jenman Support.

Selling with Jenman Support

When you ask for our support, we discuss your needs.
If you wish, you can speak with one of our senior supporters led by Neil Jenman.
With your permission, we give you details of agents we believe are best for you.
Unlike some companies, you will not be pestered by agents. You control the process.
One agent at a time.
If you don’t like the first agent, we find another agent. Until you are happy.


WARNING: It’s better to take 2-3 weeks to find the right agent
than be stuck for 3-4 months with the wrong agent.


Once you choose an agent, our support continues. Right through until you’re happily sold.

Any problems with the agent? Contact us.
Agent wants you to drop your price? No way, contact us first.
Agent’s commission too high? Let us know what you feel is fair.
Buyers making low offers? Contact us. Agents can use our negotiation skills.
Buying another home? Let us know and we will help you FREE of charge.

Once your home is sold, the agent pays us a small fee for our support. This fee is not passed on to you. This is how we fund our support service for you.

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