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Neil Jenman

About Neil Jenman

Author of Real Estate Mistakes, Don’t Sign Anything! and Success Takes Character.

Occupation:(for living): Business consultancy and public speaking.

Occupation: (for love): Investigative writing and consumer advocacy.

Neil Jenman was born in England to Australian parents. He grew up in the 1960s in Wales, England, Ireland, the Caribbean and, finally, Australia where he attended Rockhampton Grammar School.

He worked on outback cattle stations and cut sugar cane in North Queensland before taking a job as an office boy in a real estate office in the coastal town of Yeppoon in 1973.

His career took him to Sydney, where he opened a real estate office in the suburb of Auburn in 1984. The office was such a resounding success that, in 1989, Neil began sharing his ideas with other agents.

In 1993, Neil sold his real estate business to concentrate full-time on writing and presenting sales and management courses within the real estate industry. His methods – which focused on ethics and client-care – became known as The Jenman System.

By 2000, several thousand real estate people had attended Neil’s courses and more than 300 managers and 1200 salespeople subscribed to The Jenman Group’s training services.

But Neil’s public comments, especially about the typical industry treatment of both clients and staff, created enormous controversy. Although even his fiercest industry critics acknowledged the quality of his training courses, the more he spoke about consumer protection, the less popular he became with agents.

During the property boom, Neil increased his warnings for consumers. He toured the country presenting his three-hour consumer lecture, The Inside Secrets of Real Estate. More than 65,000 people, from Darwin to Hobart, came to see him speak. He also fought several public battles with property spruikers on behalf of investors who had been ripped off.

Today, Neil focuses on ensuring that Real Estate Agents meet the highest ethical and professional standards, and helping sellers to get the best price when selling their homes.

If you need support in selling your home – we will be pleased to help you find a good, ethical agent, and support you through the process. Click here to get in touch, or have a look at what others have to say here.

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