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Stacks of money with houses on top

How to know the true value of your home

There is one excellent way to know what your home is truly worth: Before you call an agent, call a valuer. A valuer is not biased about your home because a valuer has no financial interest in the value. You are naturally biased because you want the best price. The agents are biased because they…

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Stacks of money with houses on top

Property Market Report – September 2017

Quarterly Market Report No. #44 – September 2017

By Terry Ryder, creator of Introduction: Major Change Coming To Markets Around Australia Property markets around Australia are entering a phase of notable change. Cities that have been leading on price growth have passed their peaks, while some which have under-performed in recent years are now showing better outcomes, and others that have been…

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Avoid Bait pricing

Avoiding bait prices

Bait Prices hook sellers more than buyers

Price Ranges are ‘Bait’ strategies which use a false low price to attract buyers. The Price Range method comes in a variety of names – By Negotiation; Offers Above; Price Guide. They are all similar and they all undersell your home. Say you want $300,000 for your home. The agent will suggest that your home…

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Advertising & Marketing

Real Estate Advertising is one of the best examples of the incompetence and dishonesty in the real estate industry.

Home-sellers are being duped into spending millions of dollars on unnecessary real estate advertising through a system known as Vendor Pays Advertising, (VPA). Since the introduction of this system, real estate advertising has reached record levels. There is now approximately twenty times as much advertising being done, yet there is no noticeable increase in the…

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How to Interview agents

How to interview agents

Always interview at least two agents. (The only exception is if one agent is highly recommended by people whose opinion you respect). If you do not like either agent, call a third. Keep going until you find the best agent. If you have to interview a dozen agents, do so. Do not underestimate the importance…

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Property Report – June 2017

Quarterly Market Report No. #43 – June 2017

By Terry Ryder, creator of Introduction: As We Approach A New Financial Year, Where To From Here? Property markets undergo change, waxing and waning depending on local economic and political conditions. The change is not rapid, but develops gradually over years. As we approach the end of the 2016-17 financial year, it’s clear that…

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Beware of the two fee trap!


Home-sellers – Beware of the two fee trap!

A common question that budding home-sellers ask agents is: “How much do you charge?” If you’re about to sell your home and you’re interviewing agents, you should be aware of a very important point that can mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars to you. It’s not what agents charge you that’s most…

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Property Report – March 2017

Quarterly Market Report No. #42 – March 2017

By Terry Ryder, creator of Introduction: You Just Can’t Believe What You Read About Real Estate I fear for Australian real estate consumers. Seeking information to underpin investment decisions is like walking blindfold through a minefield – in this case a minefield of misinformation. The standard of reporting of property issues has deteriorated to…

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How to Choose an Agent

How to choose an agent

When you are thinking about selling, you are the most wanted person in real estate.

When you are thinking about selling, you are the most wanted person in real estate. Every agent wants to be the chosen agent who ‘lists’ your home. Homes for sale are called ‘listings’ – and, to any agent, many listings mean many sales. The Quote Trap If you choose an agent purely on quoted price,…

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