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Enforceable undertaking - Department of Fair Trading QLD - Purplebricks Australia. National real estate agency enters into enforceable undertaking

National real estate agency enters into enforceable undertaking 5 March 2018 A national real estate agency has entered into two enforceable undertakings with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), for alleged breaches of the Australian Consumer Law and the Property Occupations Act 2014. Between November 2016 and June 2017, Purplebricks Australia Pty Ltd, entered into…

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Stacks of money with houses on top

Property Market Report – December 2017

Quarterly Market Report No. #45 – December 2017

By Terry Ryder, creator of Introduction: What’s Coming Up For Real Estate in 2018? The coverage of real estate in mainstream media is misleading and confusing at the best of times. But a bad situation is about to get worse. You’re going to be reading a lot about “the end of the Australian property…

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18 Worst Mistakes Made By Homesellers Update cover

The 18 Worst Mistakes Made By Homesellers

New Updated Edition!

SELLERS 18 WORST MISTAKES This 24 page full colour booklet reveals the 18 worst mistakes made by property sellers, any of which could cost thousands of dollars. Selling your home can be a nightmare of frustration and disappointment. It can cost you thousands of dollars, either in selling too cheaply or in needless expenses. It…

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Auctions Get Lower Prices

9 Reasons Auctions Get Lower Prices

You'll never consider auctions again after reading this!

Homesellers tempted to auction their homes should remember four words: AUCTIONS GET LOWER PRICES. Never mind what agents tell you, never mind what you read in the papers, auctions are a financial minefield for consumers. Despite the booms in many areas, thousands of homesellers are turning their backs on auction and benefiting. But there are…

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John Birkett holding a chameleon

How a zookeeper discovered his home was worth $300,000 more.

Working with animals since 1976 has given John Birkett a rare gift: common sense!

Recently, someone asked John a personal question: Q: What’s your home worth? A: John replied: “$1.2 million”. Q: You sound very sure. Why so sure? A: Because the house next door which is almost identical to mine just sold at a Public Auction for $900,000. Q: Well, how does that make your home worth $1.2…

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8 Reasons To Consider A Jenman Approved Agent When Selling A Property

1. Honest Quoting You will receive a guarantee that the selling price you are quoted will be honest and accurate. If your home sells below the price quoted, you will not be charged any commission. This means you can trust the selling price quote of a Jenman Approved Agent. 2. Fair-Go Fees Jenman APPROVED agents are required…

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Block Shock!

Another Auction failure – Dave Hughes admits he would have paid more!

Proof that Auctions don't get the highest price.

Early this week we discovered that comedian Dave Hughes was the mystery buyer behind the winners of The Block. But, he has now admitted that he would have paid more! Like most auctions, you’ll find that the winning buyer probably has a cheque for more than 10% of the final bid, giving an insight into…

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Hog Agent


By Lisa Hayden

“You can’t sell a secret you know.” This is a line given by thousands of agents to thousands of home-sellers in order to persuade sellers to splash out more and more money advertising their homes. The theory goes like that the more places you advertise your home, the more buyers you reach. Of course, anyone…

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