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John Birkett holding a chameleon

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07 November 2017

How a zookeeper discovered his home was worth $300,000 more.

Working with animals since 1976 has given John Birkett a rare gift: common sense!

Recently, someone asked John a personal question:

Q: What’s your home worth?

A: John replied: “$1.2 million”.

Q: You sound very sure. Why so sure?

A: Because the house next door which is almost identical to mine just sold at a Public Auction for $900,000.

Q: Well, how does that make your home worth $1.2 million if the house next door – which, as you say, is almost identical to yours – sold for $900,000.

A: Because after the auction I introduced myself to the buyers, my new neighbours, and asked them if they were happy with what they paid – and they said, “Oh, sure, the HIGHEST PRICE we were prepared to pay was $1.2 million.”

Q: So, if you sell your home, will you sell by Public Auction?

A: No way. Auction may get a high price but common sense says they’re not designed to get the HIGHEST PRICE. I want the HIGHEST PRICE when I sell. So I’ll be looking for an agent who’s a skilled negotiator. I want my EXTRA $300,000 thanks!





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I saw my neighbour's home UNDERSOLD at auction by $300,000 and they never knew what happened to them. Tragedy. If you want the HIGHEST PRICE when selling, use a Jenman Approved agent!



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