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  1. Frustrated Buyer
    October 18, 2019 @ 2:52 pm

    The “Nightmare Method” it truly is. I feel like I’m in the scene in Pretty Woman where she walks into a shop with a mission to buy and she is refused service from a pretentious sales rep who has judged her not worth the time and effort to sell to.

    Yep, it happens just about every time I call an agent. Nothing, nada, nilch. They don’t call me back, and if they do, they rarely ask if they can help me find a suitable property. Yet I’m cashed up and ready to buy.

    Lazy Agents take note: I do remember who gave service and who is so dam lazy they would be better suited to a lounge chair tester! I’m a flipper. I will be selling again shortly, and I won’t be selling with you.

    Only once has an agent called me back, asked for feedback, and basically done their job. Their property wasn’t suitable for my needs yet I have kept their name on my “To sell with” list. You see, not only am I looking to purchase a property, I am, as a buyer looking for a good agent to sell with when the time comes.


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