1. Paul Tipple
    October 10, 2019 @ 10:54 am

    thank you for this info, Neil. I will be selling an investment property next year, and this info is great! Paul T.


  2. T Baker
    October 10, 2019 @ 11:59 am

    Hi Neil

    Dodgy old agent vs young new agent.

    Many years ago my wife and I purchased a block of land to build a new home. It cost $130k. However sudden serious health issues forced us change plans so 4 years after purchasing it we put it on the market for $340k.

    We placed the property with a well known (30 + years in the industry) agent. We heard nothing for a month until the agent contacted us to say we had the property well overpriced and there was no interest . He did say he had someone who was prepared to pay $200k. He also said he was duty bound to tell us it was another agent and mate if his.

    I rang the selling agent a few days latter pretending to be a buyer and he wouldn’t sell me the land and tried to direct me to other properties.

    I sacked the agent via mail the same day.

    Around 2 weeks later a young guy from a different agency contacted me saying he could sell the land.

    My response was: you bring me a signed contract and I will sign the listing agreement. I thought “ I won’t here from him again”.

    10 days later I get a call, “ I have 5 offers”. 3 of of offers were just below my asking price, I was at my price and one was $70k more than my price however it was subject to development approval for a 1 into 2 subdivision. So I signed the listing agreement and signed the contract at $340k being my asking price.


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