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  1. Janet
    August 22, 2019 @ 10:10 am

    How about the one when they post you a mock up of an advertisement which may appear in the local paper. The ad looks great but it doesn’t happen.
    This was one of the stalling tactics I experienced from Keyline Realty of Nambour a business recommended by Jenman . This was eleven years ago and I still feel bad about the treatment we received from these people.


    August 26, 2019 @ 6:18 pm

    Hi Neil, I have been a member for around 20 years now, and your staff have been of immeasurable help to me, and I thank you all sincerely for your assistance. As a result of all your excellent advice, I researched my area thoroughly for around two years, and went to an auction selling a house comparable to mine. After it was sold, I approached the losers (at the auction) and asked would they like to view my house. Told them where it was, gave them phone number and they came around the following weekend and bought on the spot for a wonderful price, I knew what I wanted because the market was good and my location was fab. After two years of constant research, I knew the market as well as any real estate salesman, you have to do that for a long period of time for this method to be successful. I think sellers (and buyers) go to real estate agents because they lack confidence in themselves, and I would like to see you give them the confidence to do this instead of having to go through estate agents. The buyers were a policeman and his teacher wife. When they came around to view, I asked them straight up their background details and was of course perfectly satisfied. They lived 2kms down the road from me, I got their address and knocked on the door for another discussion before proceeding with my solicitor to draw up the details. Everything went 100% satisfactorily with a settlement period that suited both of us. I was flexible on deposit and he offered $30 thousand to secure it, on the proviso that he would lose it if the deal didn’t go through. I know thats a small amount but I was happy with the deal and I wasnt desperate to sell. He was like most of us, asset rich but cash poor. I didnt go through one of the sell your own home people either, had no signs on the house, the location sold it for me. Goes back to your advice, location, location, location which I used before purchasing this home 19 years ago. I have had people knocking on the door dozens of times every year asking to buy it. You can’t go wrong if you get the right location. I would love it if you would let your members know that using real estate salesman is not the only way they can sell their house.

    By the way, I also sold a holiday house 4 years ago after my neighbour’s relative was casually discussing holiday homes with me, and I indicated I would like to sell mine. I didnt rent it out, and it was furnished nicely, also in a great location in a quiet sleepy seaside location in Gippsland. I gave them the keys as a result of my next door neighbour being a friend and I trusted them. I said if they wanted the furniture I would sell a few pieces and give them everything else ( because I didn’t want it). As it was 270 kms from Melbourne, I asked would they like to spend a few days there and check it out (no cost to them) as I really wanted to buy another holiday house I had my eye on. They also purchased it with no real estate agent involvement after spending a few days. My sweeteners worked, as the average time for selling in that location is 1-2 years. I had not gone through the local estate agent and had not made any effort to sell, until this chance conversation. A few days electricity and water, and some used but good furniture did the job (purchased secondhand originally). This would not work with strangers of course, but we all talk to people about all sorts of things and conversations arise constantly about houses and holidays, and this is where trust comes in. I wouldnt have had this conversation with a stranger or offered the house for a few days, but my method worked in this situation, the main point being sweeteners which sold the house in days not years, no real estate fees, and my price was significantly higher than I purchased it for, I was happy so was the buyer. I think both buyers and sellers can be greedy and unrealistic. Goodwill on both sides is necessary for these sort of deals to work, and you need to know a lot about the potential buyers. I believe if you check people out thoroughly, and tell them that’s what you need to progress, they understand and appreciate your honesty. I didn’t beat around the bush and asked what I needed to know. A couple of people approached me prior to selling my main house as I was painting the exterior, which many people believe is a precursor to selling (they were right in this instance) I lived on a park and was in a wonderful location. These people were unsuitable as they didnt own a home themselves and were not comfortable giving me details about their situation so I didnt progress any further with them. One knocked on the door with six kids and an old banger parked in the street. He was probably only stickybeaking, but after talking price with him I understood he was not in a position to do a deal for a $2m+ house. I didnt feel I needed to be as tactful as real estate agents have to be, I was pleasant but needed to get a picture of them before bothering any further. My buying experiences are another thing which I haven’t gone into, but have all been very satisfactory in regards to wheeling and dealing. Feel free to paraphrase or use my excellent selling experiences, due in a very large part to you and your staff’s brilliant advice over the years. . cheers, Janet


  3. pamela McIntosh
    September 5, 2019 @ 5:16 pm

    Thank you Neil. I got caught with a thousand dollars upfront. and after that some other costs which I paid. And I might just add any people that did contact me were those who were surfing various streets. The agent didn’t sell my block of land and I will never know how many people he directed from his office to see my property but I gave him the flick after a year.

    I tried selling the block of land myself but I did have a few bites of offers which I felt were too low. I am now going to sell my home in Adelaide around what I think will be a good time, build a home on the block and then sell it further down the track.

    I forget the lovely lady I contacted from Jenman’s but she gave me confidence and all online. Bless her I love her for her help.

    I do love your comments and wish to get them for as long as you do it.

    Best wishes Neil, Adelaide Hills


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